Important Kenzie Contacts

Financial Services Department

Please reach out to a Financial Aid Specialist at

Kenzie IT Help Desk

The Kenzie IT help desk is available 6 am – 4 pm ET. Please reach out to

Learner Success Advisor
  • Holistically guiding and empowering learners
  • Individualized coaching and advising through various factors
  • Support, Encouragement, and Accountability
  • Available via Zoom, phone, text, Slack, and email:

Please reach out to our registrar team at

Tools and Systems


  • Where you start, every day to find out what’s happening today and this week
  • Easily navigate to everything you need to be successful
  • View academic team and staff members
  • Request support

Learner Resources

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is located in each learner’s Kenzie Student Experience course. The academic calendar for the course will be course specific in MyKenzie/Canvas.

Academic Resolution Form

Use this form to address and/or resolve any concerns you may have relating to the classroom or your academic performance. In addition, this form can be used as an outreach resource to contact different departments for support in case the department contact information is unknown to the learner.

Academic Resolution Form
Authorization for Disclosure of Non-Directory Information Form

Use this form to consent to the release of your non-directory information, including your academic progress and enrollment status.

Authorization for Disclosure of Non-Directory Information Form
Career Curriculum
  • Produce first drafts of your Career Artifacts (the items you will need to apply for jobs, like your resume and LinkedIn profile)
  • Develop awareness and skills to speak to your Career Artifacts during an interview
  • Understand how your current skills relate to the tech field and be able to articulate that in written and verbal formats
  • Familiarize yourself with different career tracks available to you in tech and decide which path you want to follow
Meet our Career Curriculum Team
Career Services
  • Dedicated to supporting new grads in their job search by providing resume help, job search support, mock interviewing and more.
  • We have an eco-system of employer partners that are interested in reviewing Kenzie Graduate for their open positions. We will help you get connected with employers events and recommendations.
  • Kenzie job board – See open Employer Partner opportunities
Meet Our Career Services Team
Dispute Form

Use this form to resolve any disputes through the Office of Dispute Resolution, a neutral intermediary established to facilitate a review of concerns.

Dispute Form
Learner Handbook

Kenzie Academy is dedicated to helping our learners succeed academically and graduate job-ready for a career in the tech industry. To help us stay true to our mission, we have a learner handbook and course guide that outlines all that we do and what guidelines our learners are expected to follow.

Learner Handbook
Re-Entry Form

Use this form to continue with Kenzie Academy and retake a course. In the meantime, please set up a time to meet with your Learner Success Advisor prior to taking the course. You and your advisor will develop a plan together to help you be successful and stay on track throughout the term.

Re-Entry Form

Third Party Help

Career Services Policies 

Definition of Career Services and offerings: The Career Services team is actively engaging graduates to guide and encourage their job search success. Our ultimate goal is to support grads in a successful transition into the job market. Active participation and engagement with the Career Services team is required.

  • Graduates will be assigned a dedicated Advisor for nine months (in total)
  • Active engagement is required
  • Once a graduate accepts an offer they are considered Alumni and should leverage the Alumni support team for additional assistance
    • Graduates that decline two or more offers will be encouraged to leverage the Alumni support team moving forward

Please review page 32 of the learner handbook on conduct and online policies. In addition, during Employer Facing Events such as Career Fairs, AMA’s (Ask Me Anything), Info Sessions, etc. the following guidelines are enforced:

  • Cameras on and engaged (minimal backgrounds distractions)
  • Professionalism and zoom etiquette
  • Timely arrival and come prepared (see required prep work if applicable)

Graduates that demonstrate lack of professionalism and/or violate Kenzie Academy core values will not be eligible for recommendations to employer partners.