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Doug Enas

Doug Enas

From Farmer to Software Engineer

Software Engineering '19
  • Job Title
    Software Engineer
  • Employer After Graduation
    Multiply Technology
Doug's Story

For Doug, Kenzie Academy inspired an excitement for technology and transformed his career path. Like many multihyphenates, Doug had been moving around in the years since his high school graduation and struggled to stick to a singular career choice. He’d tried his hand at traditional higher education, spending 2 years at a large university before dropping out to work as a touring musician, and then working on a farm.

Doug struggled to stick to a singular path. He’d tried traditional higher ed, dropping out of a large university to tour as a musician before working on a farm. Then he found fulfillment in tech. Now, he’s taking the next step in his journey as a Software Engineer at Multiply Technology. In this role, Doug works in a language called PHP and assists with data scraping, among other languages and duties.  

“Put in the work because if you think that something is magically going to happen and you’ll become a Software Developer, it’s not going to happen.”

*This alum graduated from a previous, non-credit bearing, version of the software engineering program.

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Doug's Story
Doug's Story
“For me at least, this was a long shot dream of mine. I dropped out of college to become a dishwasher and I never really thought I’d end up doing something like this.”
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