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From Artist to UX Engineer

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LeighAnn Featheringill

From Artist to UX Engineer
UX Design '20
  • Job Title
    UX Consultant
  • Employer After Graduation
    Wonderware North
LeighAnn's Story

“My name is LeighAnn. I used to be a recruiter, limo driver, and starving artist (at the same time), and now I’m a UX Designer.”

LeighAnn Featheringill had recently completed her undergraduate degree in general studies and was working as a recruiter, limo driver, and artist. She was considering taking on a master’s program to further her skills and reach in the art world when she found Kenzie. 

“I found Kenzie through a Craigslist ad while I was trying to figure out what was next for me after I completed my undergrad,” LeighAnn said. “I had been considering an MFA but wanted more flexibility and stability in my job than an MFA seemed likely to provide. I discovered UX design upon discovering Kenzie, and leapt in feet first because it immediately seemed like a great fit.”

For LeighAnn, the financial accessibility and intensity of the Kenzie UX Design program were most exciting. 

“Kenzie taught me the fundamentals of UX, and how to both think critically about the design process and create strategies for solving user problems,” LeighAnn explained.  

Now, LeighAnn is working as a UX Consultant for Wonderware North. In the role, they’ll be consulting for manufacturing clients and an engineering team tasked with building human-machine interfaces for the manufacturing sector. 

“It’s a new role, so I will be creating the structure for the role, and advocating design within the company,” LeighAnn said. “I’ll be working with domestic and international clients.”

When they’re not working on UX projects at their new job, LeighAnn enjoys networking with the local UX community. 

“I’ve built relationships in the Indy Design community through the IxDA meetup and the Indy Design slack group,” LeighAnn said. “Kenzie was instrumental in these connections.”

As LeighAnn moves into this next phase in her career and life, she’s leaving current and prospective Kenzie learners with a few words of wisdom. 

“Getting there isn’t easy, but there is a lot of opportunity out there,” LeighAnn shared. “Set your intention, build resolve, and stay the course if you want a career in tech. Interviewing is grueling. Use rejections to improve your skills, and you will get where you are going.”  

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“Kenzie taught me the fundamentals of UX, and how to both think critically about the design process and create strategies for solving user problems."
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