5 Myths About Online Tech Schools

Immersive tech programs are designed to be rigorous, fast-paced, collaborative, and outcomes-focused. So, while considering an online program, you may be wondering, “Is it legitimate?” “Will I be working alone?” “Can I get help when I need it?” “Do employers value grads with an online coding certificate?”

We’re here to provide answers and give you the truth about an online tech education!

The 5 Myths About Online Tech Schools

  • Myth 1: The Curriculum and Instruction is Low Quality

    It’s a common misconception that curriculum from an online institution is easy, heavy reading, and self-taught. Despite being delivered virtually, coding curriculum is intensive, ever-changing based on new trends and industry needs, and taught by subject matter experts.

    Kenzie Academy’s curriculum is employer-advised and built by industry experts. Our Software Engineering program specifically is co-developed with Amazon Technical Academy and Amazon engineers. Kenzie’s programs are also accelerated and short-term to teach only relevant, practical skills, yet longer than a bootcamp so learners can absorb and retain material.

  • Myth 2: You Learn in Isolation

    The nature of coding and web development requires communication and collaboration. To prepare for the tech workforce, learners must engage in project-based, team-oriented learning, while using modern collaboration tools and platforms. Not only do Kenzie learners work with peers on group projects, but they’re also a part of a close-knit community and form supportive friendships. Kenzie learners work independently, but not in an isolated learning environment.

    “The fondest memories would be the capstone. Working with the three other people in our capstone groups. And really just the time I got to spend with my cohort mates … We’ve been able to cultivate these friendships and these connections are going to span a lot longer than the year we were at Kenzie. These are lifelong connections. So, the fondest memories would be the nights we’re up in our group working through code together ​​— that sense of camaraderie and teamwork.”

    – Manny Ledoux, Alum

  • Myth 3: Support and Help Aren’t Available

    “But are instructors available?” “What if I get stuck?”

    Kenzie’s Academic Team is there for you! Kenzie fosters an environment of open communication, where you can easily connect with subject matter experts, facilitators, and coaches through:

    InScribe: A virtual community for support, connection, and conversation

    Q&As/study halls: Where you can join live sessions and get one-on-one support

    Ask Kenzie: Located in Canvas course and modules to request support

    Along with academic support, career development services ​​— from resume reviews and interview prep to one-on-one coaching and networking guidance — are available to help learners and graduates get their first job. Alumni can also continue to work with Kenzie as they grow throughout their careers!

  • Myth 4: You Miss Out on “The College Experience”

    Attending an online tech school is considered to be a nontraditional education pathway, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a memorable and remarkable experience. It’s just different. When you’re learning web development or software engineering in a fast-track program, it can at times be intense and challenging. But you’ll likely form bonds with peers as you help one another out and work through the grind together. 

    The Kenzie experience is especially unique. You meet diverse people who are different ages, who come from different backgrounds, and who have different life experiences. Together, you form the Kenzie Family, and as part of the Kenzie Fam, you meet people who will change your life.

    If you want a family in tech, join Kenzie. If you want that cookout, if you want that ‘let’s go for a picnic,’ if you want that ‘let’s go for brunch, happy hour-type of feeling,’ Kenzie Academy has that feeling for you in the tech industry.”

    – Kattiana Theodore, Alum

  • Myth 5: Employers Don’t Value Online Tech Certificates

    A traditional four-year education is no longer the only route to a career in tech, and subsequently, a college degree is no longer a requirement for more and more employers hiring tech talent. Organizations are aware that immersive coding and technical schools design industry-relevant programs, provide hands-on, straight-to-workforce training, and focus only on what the learner needs to know.

    Also, the tech workforce is increasingly becoming remote as employers want to find the best talent no matter their location. Kenzie graduates, for example, are attractive candidates because they learned within a virtual environment that mimics real-world scenarios. With practical online learning using industry tools, grads are job-ready from the get-go. 

    In the tech world, online coding schools are recognized for producing desirable professionals, while certificate programs serve as a valid credential reflecting an individual’s skills, knowledge, and ability to perform well in a job.

We’ve exposed the truth behind common misconceptions — but if you’re still wondering about the impact and outcomes of a nontraditional tech institution, get in touch with us! We can answer any questions and share more about what it’s like to learn at a tech school like Kenzie Academy.

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