5 Ways to Get Into Coding While Being Stuck Inside

get into coding

By Craig Tierney and Alexa Goins

Stuck inside due to social distancing? Now is the perfect time to explore your hobbies and try something new. Interested in perfecting your tree pose? Practice with a yoga video on YouTube. Looking to nurture your inner artist? Check out painting lessons on Skillshare. Want to learn to code? Thanks to the Internet, there are many resources to teach you the basics of coding.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a new hobby or career path in the process. After all, we believe a tech education is possible for anyone enthusiastic and willing enough to put in the work. Check out these 5 free (or inexpensive) ways to learn to code while hanging out at home, living that #QuarantineLife.


This subscription delivery service is made specifically for kids with an interest in tech. Each month they’ll get a box full of fun activities, introducing them to computer science concepts and showing off the many possibilities tech can provide. Kids get to create and play with entertaining apps and parents don’t need to have any coding knowledge to help them learn. Bitsbox will keep your kids entertained during social distancing while also getting their tech education started. Two birds, one stone. Subscriptions start at $16.95 per month. Learn more here


Many of our current learners get off to a great start by adding some lessons from CodeCademy to their routine. What’s great about CodeCademy is its customized learning feature. You can take a quiz to let the site know why you want to learn to code, and it will show what you need to learn to achieve your goals. As a well-established name in the tech education space, they have a ton of practical lessons available to explore and you can get started for free (or go pro for $19.99 a month). Check it out here.

Video Games With Editors

As if to demonstrate just how much the tech industry is booming, we’re living in an age where many video games now include editing and “modding” (modifying) features. Not only can a player experience the game in a traditional way, they now have the ability to build custom levels, alter a character’s appearance, and code their own adventure. Games with editing features are available for players of all ages and for different systems, so if you’re interested in a gaming career or just want a more playful way to dive into tech, check out this list of games from Common Sense Media. See the list here.

Unity Core Platform 

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet with a coding intro course or some video game customization, you could move on to this more advanced video game editor. Unity Core Platform may not be for complete beginners, but it’s a great resource for someone looking to refresh or expand on their programming basics. Plus, it’s another option for gamers to have some fun. Right now, you can get 3 free months of Learn Premium, which includes expert-led live sessions and on-demand learning. See more here.

Kenzie Free

We’re proud to offer our very own free beginner’s coding program called Kenzie Free. Targeted towards complete newbies and those who might need a refresher, you’ll get to try and then practice entering code while following entertaining videos. We’ll introduce you to basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Oh, and we call it Kenzie Free because it’s 100% free. Try it out!

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