Going Above and Beyond: The Kenzie Academy Academic Team

Kenzie Academy Students working in-person on our downtown Indianapolis campus with remote students who are tuning in via Zoom video chat on a large TV screen.

The Kenzie Academy program from Southern New Hampshire University helps people transform their lives and achieve new career goals — and the Kenzie Academic Team plays a pivotal role in that journey. The subject matter experts (SME) and facilitators, often referred to as instructors, as well as coaches put their heart and soul into teaching. They see the futures of learners and invest everything they can to help them get there.

The Kenzie Instructional Data Manager emphasizes that “Kenzie is about people,” and our Academic Team sees each and every learner as an individual, a person. They work tirelessly to help everyone learn and understand tech, develop skills, and progress — but it’s more than a job, it’s a purpose and a passion.

So, we celebrate our SMEs, facilitators, and coaches by sharing how they’ve impacted learners and learning experiences. See what Kenzie alums had to say!

“The Kenzie community is a vibrant, friendly, and inspiring community to be a part of. Everyone is so helpful. I believe my program was a total of 10 learners with two instructors, and by the end of the program, we all got a chance to know each other and we still stay in touch.”

– Erika Vidal

“My favorite part about Kenzie was the people! I had an amazing class and felt like I could get all the support I needed from the instructors, facilitators, and coaches.”

– Emily Chase

“Kenzie is such a tight-knit community. Everyone supports one another the best way that they can. We are encouraged to learn and fail gracefully. I love that we had live classes and instructors that are still in the industry and genuinely have our best interest in mind.”

– Brengi Maximo-Lopez

Kenzie Academy Full Stack Web Development Graduate Ashley

“[The instructors] were really wonderful. They did all that they could, I mean, above all that they could. It was really nice to have that support.”

– Ashley McKenzie

Kenzie Academy Full Stack Web Development Graduate Ashley

“I loved every moment of it. I met a lot of amazing classmates (now colleagues) and instructors whom I still stay in touch with because of the bond we made during the program.”
– Billy Yip

“The community was overall positive. Everyone wanted to learn and become better people. My peers and facilitators helped me become a better learner.”
– Scott Tarnowsky

“The experience was very refreshing and encouraging. My instructor found a way to break down concepts in a way that someone without a technical background could grasp them. The engineering coaches spent hours with us, helping us cultivate our problem-solving abilities.”
– Donovan Knight

Photo of Kenzie Academy alum writing code in front of desktop computer

“[My experience] was absolutely incredible. The people are amazing. The instructors are great. The curriculum is well thought out and easy to follow. The amount of care and compassion shown by the staff is second to none.”

– Manny Ledoux

Photo of Kenzie Academy alum writing code in front of desktop computer

“I absolutely loved Kenzie. All of my facilitators were great and my classmates were amazing as well.”
– Russel Livermore

“The program was excellent! I had great relationships with my instructors and fellow classmates, many of whom I am still in regular contact with … My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and very willing to share that knowledge in an easy-to-understand and often funny way.”
– Vic Gainor

“I find that the instructional staff, all the staff in general, are really approachable and welcoming and really supportive, like actually care. You’re not just a number going through your class, you’re a person, which is nice.
– Marika Grego

Kenzie Academy alum, Tanner Lemon, writing code at computer

“The thing that stuck with me the most was the instructors and the other people that are helping. They were really on my team, trying hard to help me finish, because my circumstances did not lend to me finishing. They were understanding and helpful and moved things for me so that I could stay and finish. I think that’s the thing that stuck with me the most, the most impact.”

– Tanner Lemon

Kenzie Academy alum, Tanner Lemon, writing code at computer

“[The head instructor at the time] was very thorough about helping us to understand how we communicate with computers and things like that, so that was really big.”
– Josh Graeber

“[One thing that stands out about Kenzie is] the instructors who took time out of their established careers to look over our work and give us their time and attention to help make us be better designers.”
– Morgan Morton

To the Academic Team: the Kenzie community appreciates you and your dedication to helping people get closer to the life they want!

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