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Kenzie Academy Alum Lands Job at Microsoft

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Moe Logins, ’21, Software Engineering
Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Moe Logins knew he wanted something different in his career, and he couldn’t shake that feeling no matter how much he tried to talk himself out of it.

As a software account executive, Moe managed every aspect of a sale: prospecting, leading demonstrations online, handling contract negotiations, and closing the deal — all while working closely with the tech team. He got to peek his head around the curtain behind the scenes and liked what he saw.

I loved what they were doing more so than what I was doing … I had come up with every excuse in the book for why I couldn’t do what they were doing. I didn’t want to pay and go back to school for another 4 years. I didn’t want to have to get another degree … I thought it was just too late for me. I’m too far into my career to pivot, and so I ignored the whole idea in general.

He then moved into a role at a new company where he offered IT tech solutions and staffing to clients. He was working with CIOs, CTOs, IT directors of infrastructure, and IT departments. He also got a glimpse into their compensation and admired the freedom they had to be creative. The picture became even clearer. There were so many pluses. He was ready to make a shift in his career by adding extra tools to his toolbelt.

So, Moe looked at different bootcamps and discovered Kenzie Academy through Career Karma. After researching Kenzie and applying, Moe knew it was going to be a good fit.

“Kenzie’s mission statement and purpose aligned with my values and goals.” He enrolled in the 12-month Software Engineering program and graduated in July 2021.

Today, Moe works Microsoft as a senior cloud solution architect — a job he’s excited about every day.

It was a journey, though, to get where he is today. His first job post-Kenzie was at a credit union where he worked as an integration developer (programmer analyst). He was able to land that position through networking and connection.

Months before I graduated … I became the chapter president for an organization called Blacks in Technology. Its mission is to help Black men and women and folks in the community who are looking to get into tech or who are already in tech, and they want to upskill.

The recruiter reached out to Moe about partnering and hosting events together, while mentioning that they had open roles to fill. Over time, the recruiter and Moe had built a relationship. By the time he was about to graduate, he and the recruiter connected on a software engineering role. Within days he received an offer. It was building that connection that was his starting point and open door. He had also found a mentor through a mentoring program that just so happened to be a director at Microsoft. Moe emphasizes the importance of connections because you come relevant and top-of-mind.

Along with networking, Kenzie Academy helped Moe prepare for his next step.

“They held a resume class and I loved it because I’ve had years of experience with resumes, so I thought I had a decent resume, but it wasn’t very technical … They helped me draft up a good resume … and I had talking points I could touch on during the interview.”

Moe was also fortunate to have the opportunity to tutor at Kenzie. “One of my fondest memories is being a tutor because it allowed me to reinforce what I was already learning. By teaching or helping somebody else understand … it put it in my mind that ‘you do know what you’re doing.’ It was a self-confidence boost … It was amazing.”

Tutoring was not only a way to reinforce his learning, but it was also a way to pay it forward and give back — core values of Kenzie’s culture — a culture that also values community.

“People say Kenzie Fam, and it’s true because there are people who are still there and there are peers who have left that I still connect with. It has a family-like feel to it where you can reach out to somebody, and they’re going to help you as far as being supportive … Everyone was always willing to help, and I love that it was an open-door policy … It was very much like an open communication scenario. I loved it and think it was great.”

To describe his Kenzie journey, Moe says, “I can confidently say I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I didn’t go through that experience.”

Today, looking back, Moe encourages those considering a tech career to just get started.

You have to start somewhere. Your first job may not be right … It might be doing something very entry-level … like you’re just going through the motions to get where you need to go. But once you get your foot in the door, you can learn from it. You can improve.

Moe expresses that he was able to live out this cool experience, but it required networking and focusing on the process of winning as opposed to the outcome.

“The outcome can be out of your control; however, the process is something you are able to adjust and improve on a day-to-day basis. By constantly evaluating and refining your day-to-day process, you’ll be able to increase the chances of obtaining your desired outcome.”

Above all else, Moe advises, “Start now. Don’t wait … The support is there, the resources are there, and the tools are out there. Other than finding an excuse, there’s really no reason that anybody should be hesitant to get started … Be coachable. Be someone who is willing to have an open mind — and learn as much as you can.”

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