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From Lawn Maintenance Technician to Software Engineer

ben myers

“My name is Ben Myers. I used to be a Lawn Maintenance Technician. Now I’m a Software Quality Assurance Analyst.”

Ben Myers had a background in IT and worked as a Lawn Maintenance Technician but wanted to find a way to expand upon some of the existing tech skills he’d picked up. So, he began searching for ways to upskill. 

I found out about Kenzie by searching the web when I started looking into ways to diversify my tech skills,” Ben said. “I was pleased to find a local school with a Software Engineering program that was more than just a bootcamp. I liked the people I met there and the hands-on learning model, so I decided to go for it.”

As a Software Engineering learner, Ben enjoyed learning about all of the nuances of software engineering. 

“I loved the broad exposure I received to the world of software development and all of the tools and techniques currently at play in the industry,” Ben said. 

Now, Ben is starting his tech career as an Associate Software Quality Assurance Analyst at iLAB, a software quality assurance company based in Indianapolis.

In support of a large public software development and maintenance initiative, Ben will be assisting in the creation of test cases, executing tests, and documenting software testing results.

As Ben gets ready to launch his career, he’s leaving current and prospective Kenzie learners with a few words of wisdom: 

“Don’t rush. Work at the material until you understand it, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.”

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