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drashti dalsania

drashti dalsania

“My name is Drashti Dalsania. I used to be a student, now I’m a Software Engineer.”

Drashti Dalsania has always had a passion for technology. She coded for fun throughout high school and easily decided she wanted to turn this pastime into a career. While still living in India, she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. 

Shortly after moving to the U.S., Drashti heard about Kenzie Academy from a graduate and decided to become a Kenzie learner herself to learn a new tech stack. She also joined the Software Engineering program to benefit from Kenzie’s network of tech professionals and career services. 

“The Kenzie team is all here to support you,” Drashti said. “Reach out when you’re struggling — whether it’s to your classmates, instructor, or advisor.”

During her time at Kenzie, Drashti took her soft skill training to heart and got involved with the Indianapolis chapter of Women Who Code where she networked with other local women in tech. 

“Kenzie was the best decision I ever made for myself,” Drashti said. “It helped me grow as a person. It helped me find a new path when I felt so lost at the time. I’m happier. I enjoy going to work. I enjoy what I do. I’m finally self-sufficient. There are so many opportunities out there for me.”

Now, Drashti is taking on her newest adventure as an Associate Software Engineer at consulting firm Infosys. Since she will work with a variety of clients at Infosys, her responsibilities will vary. But her position covers tasks such as developing and designing software applications using object-oriented design, interpreting client requirements, and full lifecycle application development.

“Kenzie helped me grow in many ways beyond just teaching me how to code,” Drashti said. “They have amazing soft skill training that is nothing like I have ever seen anywhere else. Kenzie has a large list of companies they have worked with in the past and continue to hire graduates out of the bootcamp. They not only make sure you have the technical skills to work for any company in the field, but they also focus on all the other skills that companies look at to make sure you are going into interviews prepared.” 

Drashti sees a bright future ahead for herself and the tech industry as a whole. She encourages others to get involved with the innovative work being done in this field. 

“There are a lot of opportunities in tech,” Drashti said. “It’s never too late to join the tech world, you just need to get the required skills. Learning how to code is always a good decision. If you search hard and make the effort, you’ll find something.”

Drashti shared some advice for those considering a tech career and applying to Kenzie. 

“Don’t be afraid to hit that quick apply button,” Drashti said. “You have to work hard, but you really get what you put into it. Be confident. If you put thought into the decision to go to a bootcamp and have decided it is a good move, you probably have the tools and skills you need to succeed as a developer. As long as you work really hard and follow the process Kenzie has established, you will be successful.”

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