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Hypothesis Ventures Announces Partnership with Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy students to be preferred candidates for employment at Hypothesis Ventures’ portfolio of startups based outside of Silicon Valley.

INDIANAPOLIS, January 8, 2019 — This week Kenzie Academy and Hypothesis Ventures launched a partnership to elevate Kenzie graduates as candidates for open roles at startup organizations within the venture capital firm’s portfolio of companies. Hypothesis works with mission-driven startups based outside of Silicon Valley — specifically in emerging markets like Indianapolis.

“At Kenzie, we are investing in the potential of students in the heartland of America,” said Chok Ooi, co-founder and CEO of Kenzie Academy.“ Like our partner Hypothesis Ventures, we believe there is enormous untapped talent throughout the country and want to harness that potential to create a new force for tech.”

Hypothesis Ventures works with companies looking to make a big impact in sectors such as digital healthcare, artificial intelligence, mobile, and software services. Kenzie Academy talent will be featured as a talent pipeline to Hypothesis portfolio companies. Additionally, Hypothesis entrepreneurs may also serve as mentors to students as they enlist in Kenzie’s high-quality, accelerated training programs that feature hands-on project-based learning led and designed by current practitioners as well as, apprenticeships that give them real-world skills in the tech field.

“Hypothesis was founded to support and invest in startups across a wide geography of currently underserved markets and Opportunity Zones,” said Peter Brack, a partner at Hypothesis. “Over sixty percent of 2018’s Tech IPOs are headquartered outside of the Bay Area. It is our belief that the great ideas of tomorrow will have no borders, and if we invest in promising talent outside of Silicon Valley, we can set the pace for a tech revolution in cities and towns across the country.”

Parts of Indianapolis were recently designated Opportunity Zones after the passage of the Investing in Opportunity Act of 2017. Opportunity Zones were created to spur capital infusion into underserved geographies through new tax incentives. In response, Hypothesis plans to invest in startups, build co-working spaces, and run accelerator programs in Opportunity Zones throughout the country. Kenzie Academy is a crucial component to preparing the local workforce for these growing opportunities in tech–in Indianapolis and throughout the rest of the country outside of Silicon Valley.

About Kenzie Academy
Kenzie Academy is building a modern-day force for tech, armed with the skills and expertise employers want to hire. Through immersive learning and a cutting-edge curriculum adapted in real-time by industry professionals, Kenzie Academy delivers project-based training in person or online to prepare students with the skills and professional experience needed for high-demand tech jobs. Based in Indianapolis, Kenzie is paving the way for people from diverse backgrounds to access these opportunities by removing financial barriers and expediting the pathway to a meaningful career.

About Hypothesis Ventures
Hypothesis Ventures works with mission-driven technology entrepreneurs in emerging markets and opportunity zones across the United States.  Formed by veteran investors and entrepreneurs who built their careers outside of the Bay Area, Hypothesis believes that talent is evenly distributed – and aims to help founders grow their companies wherever they are. For more information, visit:

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