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Is Kenzie Academy a Coding Bootcamp?

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Coding bootcamps have become a practical educational pathway that teaches learners how to code and helps them expand their technical skills in an environment that emulates the real world. These intensive programs have steadily become more reputable and gained so much popularity that employers and hiring managers now see them as acceptable forms of learning on par with traditional institutions. So, does Kenzie Academy offer the same advantages as a coding bootcamp? The short answer is a resounding yes. But, in reality, Kenzie is ultimately so much more!

What Makes Kenzie Academy Different?

  • What is a Coding Bootcamp?

    Whether you’re a tech enthusiast ready to make it in the industry or a complete novice wanting something new, coding bootcamps offer a suitable solution for a variety of tech education needs. They can generally be completed in up to 6 months, can be taken full- or part-time, and enable learners to stack additional skills on top of what they learn throughout the program. Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the most sought-after coding bootcamp characteristics:

    • Fast-Paced: Because learners can opt to accelerate their education, they can often complete their program within as little as 12 weeks. 
    • Professional Environment: The skills and lessons taught in coding bootcamps are delivered through real-world projects that help emulate the professional environments learners can expect in the corporate world. 
    • Job-Seeking Support: Learners with coaches and career advisors who prepare them as they enter the job-seeking stage.
    • Collaboration: Coding bootcamps teach technical skills with a collaborative approach that enhances a learner’s ability to work in a unit with multiple moving parts.
    • Cost: 4-year institutions charge an average of $16,300 per year, or a total of $65,000 compared to the total average coding bootcamp cost of $13,579 for the entire program.¹
  • More than a Coding Bootcamp

    Simply put, coding bootcamps have plenty of incentives to offer for those who want to learn to code, are ready to amplify their technical skills, and want to prepare for a career in the tech industry. Kenzie Academy offers the same benefits but takes the learner-focused effort to new heights with even more advantages. It’s all part of Kenzie’s mission to level the playing field for those who otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to pursue a future in tech. By working toward this mission, Kenzie does its part in bridging the skills gap in tech and diversifying the industry’s landscape.

  • Our Programs

    Kenzie offers hands-on, accredited programs in cybersecurity, software engineering, full-stack web development, and UX design. This provides a variety of options for anyone interested in kickstarting a career in tech. Kenzie also partnered with Amazon Technical Academy to co-develop a software engineering curriculum for anyone interested in a software development engineer position at Amazon or other organizations. Kenzie and Amazon have also partnered to offer Career Choice, a program for Amazon employees looking to enhance their careers.

  • Program Length

    Unlike the average 6-month completion time for regular coding bootcamps, Kenzie’s programs can be completed in up to 12 months. The extra time helps learners absorb concepts, develop their technical skills, and engage their new knowledge much more effectively.

  • Southern New Hampshire University

    Kenzie Academy’s programs were recently procured by Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). This acquisition effectively increased the amount of support available to learners, including access to federal financial aid. Not to mention, as part of an accredited, nonprofit, private university, learners can now take completed program credits earned through Kenzie Academy programs and use them toward a degree at SNHU or other institutions, depending on their specific criteria.

The Right Place for a Bright Future

Your aspirations for a career in tech can be more than just a dream. So, why not make it happen with programs that offer more than the traditional coding bootcamp? If you’re a tech aficionado, a newbie, or simply interested in pivoting your career, Kenzie Academy can be the difference-maker you’re looking for. With us, you’ll find the dedicated instruction, hands-on environment, and committed support services you need to make a future in the tech industry happen. Apply today and make your way to a bright and exciting future.


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