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New Kenzie Academy Coding Cohorts to Launch July 2022

Preparing diverse digital talent for the most in-demand roles through accelerated tech certificate programs

June 9, 2022
Matt Cummings
Assistant Vice President of Community and Alumni Engagement
Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy, an online coding and tech school, is now enrolling for its 9-month Full-Stack Web Development and 12-month Software Engineering programs kicking off this summer. Through these certificate offerings, Kenzie paves accessible pathways for anyone ​— despite their background, past experiences, or current skill level — to develop the in-demand skills for starting or enhancing a tech career.

“There has been great momentum with our enrollments, and the Kenzie Team is excited and working hard to help more learners achieve their goals starting this summer. The success our learners experience is our success. We’ve seen graduates land jobs at Microsoft, IDEXX, InvestCloud, CVS, Ernest and Young, and Accenture”

– Yves Salomon-Fernández, Senior Vice President for Operations Planning at Southern New Hampshire University

Kenzie’s Full-Stack Web Development curriculum trains on both frontend and backend development and focuses on prominent technologies including JavaScript. Kenzie’s Software Engineering program, co-developed with Amazon Technical Academy (ATA), was exclusively offered to upskill Amazon employees. Since Kenzie is now one of the only two institutions that ATA chose to partner with, the program is available to anyone who’s interested.

Unlike many other coding bootcamps, Kenzie offers Federal Student Aid, including Federal Financial Aid, grants, and loans, to give learners access to skills-focused, direct-to-career tech training. Kenzie also supports a learner’s job searching success through a unique job-readiness Career Curriculum course and career services tailored to the individual. At Kenzie, the journey doesn’t stop at graduation as learners become graduates who transition into competitive candidates and the tech professionals whom employers are searching for.

“My 12-month software engineering experience at Kenzie, coupled with my Cloud training and previous tech sales/consulting experience, helped me get to this point in my life … I can confidently say I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I didn’t go through [the Kenzie] experience. I loved the fact that it was challenging.”

– Moe Logins, Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

About Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is an online coding and tech school with headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. Founded in 2017 by Silicon Valley technologists, Kenzie works to create equitable access to tech education and job opportunities by helping learners master programming languages like Java, earn certificates in software engineering, UX design, web development, and related tech areas, and gain job-readiness training. Kenzie was acquired by SNHU in 2021 in order to amplify its mission and widen access to technical education — setting learners up for the future of work and diversifying talent in the field.

Matt Cummings
Assistant Vice President of Community and Alumni Engagement
Kenzie Academy

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