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Kenzie Academy Learner Proposes During Graduation

tyisha 'tl' williams

By Tyisha Williams, Alecia Kissel, and Alexa Goins

Kenzie Academy’s graduation is always a special event but our most recent ceremony was made extra special thanks to a live marriage proposal! Check out the video below and read on to learn more about Software Engineering grad Tyisha ‘TL’ Williams’ Kenzie journey and what inspired her to propose at graduation. 

Tyisha decided to join the Kenzie Academy family because she enjoys learning about the systems that influence an individual’s everyday life. Initially, she was on a path to a career in human resources management after receiving a bachelor’s degree and an MBA. 

When she discovered how the world of software engineering blended with human resources information systems and instructional design, Tyisha knew it would be a perfect fit for her strengths and passions.

In January 2020, Tyisha graduated from a 3-month coding bootcamp, but wanted to dive deeper into the skills she had begun developing so she searched for more educational options. Tyisha was familiar with Kenzie Academy as she’d previously applied and been accepted to the Software Engineering program in 2019. 

After sending a Twitter message to Executive Director Chok Ooi, the Kenzie Admissions team helped her align goals and interests. In April 2020, as the world shut down, she buckled down to upskill in programming.

In the last year, Tyisha learned that although software engineering can be overwhelming and intimidating, there are unlimited resources and opportunities that welcome anyone looking to enhance their coding knowledge and conquer difficult feats. 

In her words, “I wouldn’t have the confidence, programming knowledge, or found the resources to be successful long term if it wasn’t for Kenzie Academy and Career Karma.” She recommends aspiring Software Engineers proactively visualize their success while on this journey and jump in to take advantage of the plentiful opportunities available in the tech industry.

While working on her final project, Tyisha received the esteemed invitation to be the Software Engineering learner speaker representing her cohort at graduation. She immediately knew this would be the perfect moment and platform to propose.

tyisha 'tl' williams“My fiancé Megan is the inspiration behind the graduation proposal,” Tyisha said. “She has been my greatest mobilizer and cheerleader during my career transition into tech. We always share our goals, plans, and dreams which I’ve always taken as a strong indicator that we’re ready to make a long-term commitment to each other. I believe a shared trajectory is essential to continually build and grow together.”

Exhilaration and joy overwhelmed Tyisha when the time arrived for her to propose in front of the Kenzie family. As a graduate, she represented her cohortmates, demonstrating a dedication to Kenzie Academy’s values and community. More importantly, as an individual, she knew she was representing Black women, lesbian women, women in tech, and the LGBTQ+ community. 

“Nothing can prepare you for how intensely special that moment is,” Tyisha said. “I still get butterflies every time Megan introduces me as her fiancé, and I think back to the highlight of my life when she said yes.”

Now with her engagement and graduation behind her, Tyisha looks forward to launching her tech career. Her ideal career path includes working remote or abroad for a few years, connecting with a mentor, and building programming products that help communities close to her. Tyisha plans to enhance her employability and continue building her knowledge base in Python, Django, and PostgreSQL.

tyisha 'tl' williams“Currently, I am seeking my first tech role as a Back-End Developer, HRIS Developer, or Systems Administrator at a future-forward, innovative employer with a conducive work environment that values flexibility, work/life balance, collaboration, team support, and career enhancement. I’m ready for this next stage in my career!” Tyisha shared. 

Please join us in congratulating Tyisha and all of our recent Kenzie graduates for their hard work and success in completing their Software Engineering or UX Design curriculum! We’re cheering them on as they get ready to launch their tech careers. Employers can learn more about hiring recent Kenzie graduates like Tyisha by becoming a Kenzie Employer Partner

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