Kenzie Academy’s “It Clicked!” Day: Aug. 24

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There are a lot of great moments for learners at Kenzie Academy — from completing the capstone project to forming bonds that’ll last beyond graduation. For many, that life-changing moment is the moment it clicked.

Maybe it’s the moment when you realize you made the right decision to learn tech and start a Kenzie program. It could be that moment when the code finally worked or a tough concept made sense. Or, maybe it was even before Kenzie when you decided that yes, now is the time to make a change and take a risk on pursuing a new career path. At Kenzie, we call these “It Clicked!” moments. It just clicked. You’re ready. You get it. You’re confident.

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Kenzie is excited to celebrate these moments on our first “It Clicked!” Day on Aug. 24.

  • Tune into our “It Clicked!” Day livestream at noon (ET) on LinkedIn or YouTube to hear from members of our Kenzie Fam and when it clicked for them.
  • Check us out on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok where we’ll post videos of Kenzie learners’ and alums’ “It Clicked!” moments.
  • Post a video where you share your “It Clicked!” moment, or tag us in a post or picture and tell us about when “It Clicked” in the caption. Use the hashtag #ItClickedAtKenzie and we’ll randomly select winners who will receive limited-edition “It Clicked!” Kenzie T-shirts.
  • Get inspired by others’ “It Clicked!” moments! Whether you’re still working to discover yours or you remember it fondly like it was yesterday, stop by to celebrate someone’s accomplishment or see what moved them to break into tech.

“It’s hard to pick just one, because once you start doing something like that, it’s really telling yourself and seeing that you’re capable of doing hard things. It’s like, ‘Wow, look what I’ve done’ — a moment of like, ‘Did I just make that happen? I just made that show up on the page.’ Getting animations to render with JavaScript, that was a moment. Getting to interview Andrew Yang at one of our Kenzie insider meetings, that was really cool. Getting a team together to work on our second capstone that actually ended up being really good and something that we still want to move forward with, that was a great moment. Realizing like, I have a pretty solid team here already, that was really, really great.”

– Ashley McKenzie, Kenzie Alum

“Kenzie used to tell us that it would just click at one point. So, us being able to read the code and actually understand what it was saying and what it was trying to do — that was something that a lot of people struggled with. I struggled with it, but eventually, at some point, I had my “clicking moment.” That’s where now we’re able to actually pick up any programming language, look at the documentation, read through it, practice it a little bit, and pick it up.”

– Abdael Mora, Kenzie Alum

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