Kenzie Celebrates Pride Month

 At Kenzie Academy, we’ve been excited to celebrate and get inspired by Pride Month over the past few weeks as we work to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all. Whether it’s honoring badass LGBTQ+ professionals making moves in tech or having conversations about the importance of inclusive community at work. Get inspired for the future of tech with these quotes from Kenzie Academy staff and learners in honor of Pride Month.

“A tradition was created in the month of June about three years ago — Pride brunch with friends at my apartment before walking outside to be greeted by the glitz and glam of the Indianapolis Pride Parade followed by endless drag queens, En Vogue, and Lizzo at the festival. These are some of the dearest memories with my chosen family. This year is different, but I see it as

Pride as it should be, returning to our roots of the Stonewall riots in 1969 with the leadership of transgender women of color. I honor their legacy and march for justice with our Black family members continuing a greater revolution for an equitable world.

My work and chosen family are fused. I celebrate, hustle, and rally with them. I joined the tech industry because I saw a more fluid and malleable workplace than traditional higher ed where I began my career. Companies and products are best when everyone has a seat and is comfortable sharing their voice at the table. When change presents itself, tech is one of the first to move in a just direction though, radical as it may seem to other industries. We will continue to set the tone and lead the way towards a more inclusive and equitable workforce. That is not just my hope; it is my mission.” — Alecia Kissel, Senior Admissions Counselor

“A huge benefit of tech is the possibilities it creates for access to resources, tools, and our larger world. So, diversity in tech is critical for reaching this potential, ensuring representation of varied perspective and experience and leading toward truly transformational tools and experiences for all those being served.” — Derek Savick, Learner Success Manager



“Diversity in the tech field is important because different voices, different life experiences, and different needs will drive the industry forward into new and exciting directions. Tech gives people from any background a place where their hard work and skills can pay off and change the world — almost no other industry can say that. I can’t wait to help a new generation of diverse voices get started in this field.” — Zachary Kline, Software Engineering Facilitator

“It’s taken me many years to be fully proud of who I am. And it is through this journey that I’ve come to realize that the pride I have for every facet of my identity — whether it’s being queer, non-binary, or Asian American — is a direct result of the cultures and rebellions of Black and Indigenous people. Since this realization, I’ve been celebrating Pride by celebrating the Black, trans, bisexual, anti-police ancestors of the queer liberation movement. With the recent uprisings coupled with the slow awakening of the majority race, I feel that it is only fit to continue to amplify Black/trans voices and histories above all else until we are all truly liberated.” — Wendy Pei, UX Engineering Subject Matter Expert

“My hope for the future of tech is that all people, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, or religion, are allowed the opportunities to enter the tech field if they wish. I hope that we grow more accepting as time goes on to see that, no matter the background, we all can make a difference, not just in tech, but in all aspects of life.” — Leann James, Software Engineering Learner



“My hope for the future of tech is that black and brown people have a seat at the table — the board rooms, executive offices, and C-suites, leading executive teams inside companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. We need MORE stories, experiences, and products to reflect the diverse culture and individual identities of the communities that exist today, and in the new marketplace that is emerging!” — Ciara Johnson, Admissions Counselor



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