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Kenzie News Roundup 10/1/2021

Kenzie News Roundup 10/1/2021

In this week’s Kenzie news roundup we will be sharing information around UX design and full stack web development. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

What is a Full Stack Web Developer?

If you are ready to enter the world of web development but unsure of what position might be the best fit for you, this article can help. In it you will learn what a full stack developer is and how the skillset differs from other development positions such as front or back end developers. 

Accounting for User Research in Agile

This article shares a great perspective on the pain points that the Agile development method and user research can occasionally have when attempting to integrate. In addition, it shares why user research within the Agile method is essential and finding a way to get the two to play together is key to great development within an Agile based team.

The Life and Times of Developers in 2021

Ever wonder what you would do during your day if you had a job as a developer? This guide shares great insight into the daily habits and activities of all types of developers over the past year. It even includes insights from surveys that all of the developers who informed the guide answered.

Key Trends in Full Stack Development in 2021

When it comes to full stack development it is important to stay in the loop on all of the latest trends and changes of the industry. This article shares one perspective on the most popular things in the world of full stack development throughout 2021 so far.

Overcoming the Limitations of Client-Side Form Tracking with Webhooks

Long titles always mean great information right? But seriously, we wanted to share this article in hopes that it provides all of you self-taught and experienced coders with some tips and tricks for handling the occasionally frustrating business of form tracking.

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