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Kenzie News Roundup 10/22/2021

This week’s news roundup dives into the difference between Java and Javascript as well as some interesting stories of big tech oversight and governance.

Java vs Javascript: What’s the Difference?

You have probably heard both of these terms in your everyday life and many assume they are one and the same. This article explains how these two essential pieces of the digital world are different and used everyday in tech.

No, Facebook and Google Are Not Public Utilities

Many people think of big tech companies as these massive companies that are, in some cases, even bigger than many government entities. And because of this, they should be treated and regulated similarly to a public utility or service. Learn more about the recent events.

FTC Calls Out Internet Providers for Amassing User Data

The FTC recently issued a report warning consumers that their local internet providers are collecting more personal data than many people realize. This includes data that internet providers are using to group people by race and sexual orientation. Read more about which internet providers were mentioned in the report.

Facebook Kept Its Own Oversight Board in the Dark for VIP Users

The news seems to keep getting worse and worse for Facebook. This article shares details of how Facebook kept VIP user data from being subject to content moderation rules or review.The number of users who Facebook withheld data for reached 5.8 million users in 2020.

Consumer Watchdog to Probe Big Tech Payment Systems

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, under the leadership of a new director, has made its first significant order. It told Apple, PayPal and other tech giants that they must reveal how their proprietary payment networks function. The bureau’s reason for the request is concern around antitrust violations.

Ransomware Crew Posed as Real Company to Attract Workers

Talk about a next-level scam! Learn about how a Russian-linked ransomware gang presented themselves as a company named “FIN7” and recruited people in an attempt to expand their reach and capabilities. It’s believed this is the same group that was involved in the Colonial pipe ransomware incident.

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