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Kenzie News Roundup 10/8/2021

This week’s news roundup focuses on recent trends in front-end development and digital accessibility and shares amazing stories of perseverance in the face of tough odds. Here is your Kenzie news roundup for the week.

Hispanic Leaders in the World of Technology

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, we are sharing stories and backgrounds of Hispanic leaders in the technology industry. We hope their stories bring inspiration and hope to your aspirations and career goals.

File Not Found: A Folderless Future?

Modern students seem to be moving away from traditional folder structures for organizing their files and data, which is leaving their teachers and professors frustrated and confused. Is it a real problem or just a generational evolution?

Gone in Minutes, Out for Hours: Outage Shakes Facebook

Three of the biggest internet platforms went down on Monday, October 4th for more than five hours and were almost wiped off of the face of the Earth by accident. Learn more about how everyone, from users to businesses, were impacted by this week’s outage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Twitch Gets Hacked with Code and Payout Data Exposed

Just when you thought problems for technology giants were over for the week, Twitch faces a massive data breach. This particular incident resulted in the attackers gaining access to Twitch’s source code, creator payouts and other internal data.

Top Front-End Development Trends for Web Developers

Technostacks shares insight on what front-end development is and some interesting trends that are hitting the industry. These trends include the superiority of Java or how to facilitate a headless architecture.

Future Trends in Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility continues to grow in importance and relevance as the digital world expands. Learn how accessibility is becoming more and more essential, as well as what is happening to businesses that do not make it a priority.

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