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Kenzie News Roundup 11/12/2021

This week’s news focuses on defining what makes up a good user experience while sharing how Airbnb is improving theirs. It also discusses awesome insights into the future of data storage and security. Lastly, we share upcoming trends in the world of development operations as well as an overview of current technology stacks.

MEAN vs. MERN vs. MEVN Stacks: What’s the Difference?

Earlier this week we hosted an amazing webinar discussing the key differences between the MEAN and MERN stacks. This article shares additional information about this common comparison and also includes the MEVN stack as well. You can also learn more about Kenzie’s MERN Full-Stack Certificate to learn about industry-leading approaches to web development.

The Biggest Ransomware Bust Yet Might Actually Make an Impact

For the longest time, ransomware hackers have been able to run amuck due to the indifference of the countries they operate from to the crimes they commit. This is starting to change for the better with improved technology and more cooperation amongst the law enforcement agencies of multiple countries. The article above shares more information regarding a recent capture that led to the recovery of millions in ransomware which put malicious hackers on notice.

Airbnb Boosts Host Protection, Adds Wi-Fi Speed Verification

User experience is at the center of everything Airbnb does. If their hosts don’t have a good experience with their guests, they are less likely to put their property on the platform. On the other hand, if a guest doesn’t have an amazing experience, they will become less likely to book in the future. All of this means that Airbnb is constantly focused on creating the best user experience possible — and that includes UX Design. This article shares their most recent round of updates, which includes confirming that your Airbnb has fast and strong internet before you even arrive.

Books vs. Servers: Where Should We Store All of the Human Knowledge?

Computers continue to grow in popularity and capability, but will they completely overtake books as the future of our data documentation? The above article will take you through the background of digital data storage and where its future is headed that many believe will eventually overtake traditional physical records entirely.

What Is a Good User Experience?

What exactly is a good user experience? According to the article above, the official definition can vary, but there are many guidelines around ethics to consider when it comes to creating a proper user experience. You want the user to achieve the goal, but not at the cost of their own decision-making capabilities.

Top 5 DevOps Trends To Watch Out for in 2022!

Development operations are essential to almost any company now in the digital age. These five trends will provide great insight into what many companies are focusing on for the future and how many development teams are going to have their capabilities leveraged.

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