Kenzie News Roundup 3/26/21

tech companies now hiring

We examine how Software Engineers can climb the career ladder, tech companies now hiring, and how to fix the gender gap in the industry. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

RE: Your next job 

On the job hunt? With many tech companies ramping up recruiting efforts, there are a plethora of job listings to sift through. Consider applying to these five tech companies now hiring for UX and software engineering roles. Find your next employer on Venture Beat

Getting trendy

UX trends for 2021 place a renewed emphasis on accessibility and personalization. This year, designers are gearing up for major and minor trends including built-in AR and VR as well as voice user interface. 

How tech can get more women into software engineering

Fixing the gender gap in tech is going to require a multi-pronged approach, according to experts in the field. From expanding access to tech education to revamping recruitment and changing office culture, journalist Lisa Bertagnoli highlights the ways tech can become a space of innovation by all and for all. Kick off your weekend with this insightful long-form story on Built In

Climbing the career ladder

Software Engineers usually reach a point in their careers where they must choose to continue as individual contributors or shift to a managerial role in their workplace. Making that decision requires some soul-searching. This is why Software Engineer Jocelyn Harper wrote her new book “A Software Engineer’s Guide to Seniority.” In it, she offers advice on things like technical interviews, negotiation, and networking as well as tips for figuring out your career path. Read this story on

Design as practice, not process

When we speak of UX design, we often speak of processes. Instead of thinking about design as a step-by-step procedure, UX Tools Co-Creator Jordan Bowman suggests looking at it as a set of principles or a toolbox. As each UX project can be a bit different, this way of thinking gives the designer a chance to use their intuition and more appropriately and fluidly move through their design practices. Learn more here

Managing dev culture

Solving customer problems can be a challenge for developers, but good management can help. Oded Keret is the Director of Product Management at Rookout, an IT company that empowers engineers to solve customer issues “five times faster.” He shares how he helps his developers and customers by creating a dev culture centered on resilience. Learn more on

Insider Perspective: Pablo Stanley 

Pablo Stanley is the Co-founder and CEO of Blush, a design tool that helps people create and customize illustrations. In a recent interview, Pablo shared his thoughts on illustration systems, creativity, and more. Listen to this episode of UI Breakfast on your podcast-streaming platform of choice. 

Meme of the Week: “Next, they’ll figure out where all the pool ladders went…”

tech companies now hiring

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