Kenzie News Roundup 7/9/21

Kenzie News Roundup 7/9/21

We’re learning about tips for cold job applications, hearing an Apple founder’s debate over right-to-repair, and checking out some games for kids to start coding. This is your weekly news roundup.

Help Increase Your Chances of a Response to Cold Job Applications

When you apply online for an open position, you are competing against hundreds and sometimes thousands of other people. This is especially true for early career positions at large tech companies like Google and Facebook. So, how can you stand out and make sure your resume is seen? Check out this blog from our partner Pathrise.

Apple founder Steve Wozniak backs right-to-repair movement

Would you want to be able to repair your malfunctioning Apple products, or do you think it’s best left in the hands of Apple Pros? One of Apple’s founders is weighing in on the debate. Learn more about the right-to-repair movement and consider which side you would vote for with this piece from BBC.

16 Tips To Help Remote Workers Solve Tech Issues (And Avoid Them In The First Place)

Pre-pandemic, office workers could easily message their IT department if they needed to troubleshoot computer issues. Now that so many employees are semi-/permanently working from home, it’s become a necessity for many to learn a bit more about their hardware and software. Read more about how to combat tech issues from Forbes.

What a Tech Breakup Could Mean for You

At this point, so much of our online lives is actually in the hands of just a few companies. So if the government begins legislation that breaks up big names like Google, Facebook, and Amazon into smaller organizations, what does that mean for tech consumers? Learn more in this article from the Wall Street Journal.

From kitten gifs to Minecraft modding, these online games make coding fun for kids

We’re living in an age where more kids can (and do) aspire to work in tech than ever before. So if you’re kids have ever thought about following in your footsteps or building a tech career of their own, let them try their hand at some of these games collected in a list by Mashable. They’ll get a chance to see if coding is something they want to pursue. At the very least, they’ll have fun and learn something new about tech!

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