Kenzie News Roundup 8/20/2021

Kenzie News Roundup 8/20/2021

We’ve got tips for your next phone screen interview, a deep dive into the importance of soft skills in tech, and a top 10 award for Kenzie’s UX Design program. This is your weekly news roundup. Names 10 Best UX Design Bootcamps of 2021

We’re excited to announce that Kenzie Academy’s UX Design has been named in’s list of the top 10 best UX Design Bootcamps of 2021! Kenzie’s program was named “Best Bootcamp for Working UX Designers.” Thank you to all of our UX subject matter experts, facilitators, staff, and (of course) our great learners for making this award possible! See the full list of awards here

What is a Phone Screen? Tips & Tricks for Your Preliminary Interview Call

So, you’ve scored a phone interview and you’re getting ready to impress the HR representative, recruiter, or hiring manager. Congratulations! You could be well on your way to a brand new tech role. We know just how nerve-wracking phone screen interviews can be, especially when you’re just starting out in a new industry. Here are our top tips and tricks for nailing your next preliminary interview call. 

A Good Tech Job Requires Soft Skills, Too

Obviously, it’s important to gain and hone your development skills if you’re looking for a job in tech. However, it’s just as important to work on your soft skills! Being able to be an empathetic listener, effective communicator, and overall team player are traits the vast majority of employers look for and value most. Read more about how to up your soft skills game here.

In a tech labor market like the ‘wild west,’ here’s what CTOs are hiring for right now

The job market is hot right now, especially in tech. But what do you want most in your next tech job? Do your tech career goals line up with what CTOs are hiring for? Check out this piece to see how your goals and tech hiring needs are matching up.

C-suite career advice: Geeman Yip, BitTitan

Geeman Yip, founder and CEO of BitTitan (a SaaS-based cloud enablement provider), shares how he founded his company in his garage in 2007 before making BitTitan a global IT SaaS organization. Check out this interview to hear his advice for tech newcomers and anyone wanting to grow their careers in the industry.

Good UX isn’t enough — websites must enchant us again

We all love how usable and efficient websites and apps have become thanks to good UX Design, but what about fun? The internet has the potential to be a magical place with things to discover around every corner. Maybe a new way to engage users is to not only create easy-to-use experiences but also make them enjoyable? Check out this article and see what you think.

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