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Kenzie News Roundup 8/27/2021

Kenzie News Roundup 8/27/2021

We’re exploring the role of Full Stack Web Developers, the awesome perks available to job seekers in the hot tech job market, and why resumes may be facing a reckoning. This is your Kenzie news roundup.

What is a Full Stack Web Developer?

Web development is a lucrative and fast-growing field. People considering entering this line of work are likely trying to decide between becoming a Front End, Back End, or Full Stack Developer. But what exactly is a Full Stack Web Developer? And better yet, how can you become one? 

What’s the Key to Innovation on a Remote-First Engineering Team?

Working remotely and staying productive has been a unique challenge over the past year, but now that many software development and engineering teams have a handle on it, a new question arises: How do you stay innovative? Check out this article to learn how Grammarly’s team stays ahead of the curve.

Looking for a New Job in Tech? It’s Your Lucky Day

According to this article, tech job postings are up 16% in the U.S. Companies are vying for tech talent outside of Silicon Valley, and that competition is benefitting job searchers. Read on to learn more about the tech job market and all of the perks candidates are receiving in their offers.

The old-fashioned resume may no longer be the tool for hiring a more diverse team

Maybe it’s time to replace the resume, or maybe it’s just time for them to evolve. Are resumes harming the diversity of teams? There’s good evidence to suggest so. Check out this piece to learn more about how that could be and how it could be fixed. 

How Organizations Can Build Trust Into Their User Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making our lives easier every day, but what’s its effect on a consumer’s user experience? Companies are starting to see the results of efficient AI not only for their bottom lines but also for their audience’s perception of their organization and values. Read this piece to get insights into keeping a human element in AI.

Majority of Software Engineers Want Remote Work Options

If you love working from home, you’re not alone. Tech professionals everywhere are loving the remote life and the job market is sending strong signals to employers: working from home is a perk (and it’s often a win-win). Learn more about this shift in the workforce here.

The real reason you’re not more productive at work? It’s not boredom—it’s bad UX

User experience (UX) is so much more than pretty apps with sensible buttons. UX and UI (user interface) principles influence so many areas of our lives, including our jobs. Even if you aren’t a UX professional, you can bet UI designs and decisions still factor into your job. Read up on these effects in this article.

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