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Kenzie News Roundup 9/17/2021

Kenzie News Roundup 9/17/2021

In this week’s news we are exploring everything from the future of offices and what that will look like for workers to tips and tricks for java programming. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

What is Java?

Ready to learn coding but not sure which language to choose or how to get started? Here you will learn some background about Java programming regarding its use and how you can learn it too. Discover more about one of the world’s most popular coding languages here. 

How the Office Will Be Different for Workers When They Return

If you are coming back into the office in near future, there is a chance it will look very different from when you were last there. This article discusses the implications of today’s workplace in a post-pandemic world and highlights new focus points for companies as they figure out how to best handle it for their teams. Names Kenzie Free in It’s List of Top 5 Free Coding Bootcamps

Bootcamp Rankings recently listed our free coding courses offering, Kenzie Free, as one of the top 5 options for people looking to get starting in the world of coding and we couldn’t agree more. Check out this article to learn more about coding bootcamps and how you can get started in this exciting industry.

Boston Dynamic’s Spot Robot is Being Put to Work

People aren’t the only ones getting back to work in the world today. The Spot robot from Boston Dynamics has gotten a job with Hyundai working in their Kia manufacturing plant in South Korea. Visit the link above to learn more about how Spot is being used to improve worker safety.

6 Common Java Coding Interview Questions

Considering a career in coding and want to know the types of questions you might get asked regarding Java? The hiring industry giant Indeed has put together a list of the 6 most common questions you might get asked during your meeting as well as background on why they are asking that question and how best you can answer it.

Everything You Need to Setup the Best Work From Home Desk

If you are still adjusting to your desk situation in the new work from home world this guide is for you. It covers everything from desk accessories and webcams to keyboards and monitor mounts. Find inspiration in this guide and get your home office up and running.

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