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Kenzie Academy from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is more than tech certificate programs that train people for today’s jobs in software engineering, web development, and other areas. Beyond academics, the Kenzie Academy program from SNHU is a resource for helping learners and graduates job search and get hired. It’s a support system for personal growth and perseverance. It becomes home for people to make connections and find who they are.

Now Kenzie alumni, who want to grow into a mid-level developer role, can expand their network and join an exclusive community of technologists by joining the coaching platform Taro.

Support for Your Next Step

The Kenzie Academy Alumni Team is partnering with Taro to give alumni the connections they need to grow professionally. We don’t forget about our learners after they graduate or get a job. We care about being a success partner throughout a person’s career and continuous learning journey. Our Taro partnership and membership discount for Kenzie alums is one way we can help support ongoing advancement in the field.

When you join a Kenzie program, we want to meet you where you are in life and continue to do so as your needs change. We help you achieve your goals at every point in your education and career — from starting class, all the way to preparing to take the next step after your first job. We respond to industry and employer needs, and the needs of learners and graduates as they transition into entry-, mid-, and senior-level developers.

“We conducted an alumni survey asking alums what they wanted. One of the top responses was resources that would help them grow. By offering a partnership with and discount to Taro, our graduates will have the ability to access resources that will help them grow into future mid-level and senior-level positions. It also will allow them to build their professional network with the tech industry across the country.”

– Matt Cummings, Kenzie Academy Assistant Vice President of Community and Alumni Engagement

What is Taro?

Taro unlocks access to insider advice from industry experts on non-coding topics that help alumni not only excel in their job, but grow their career as a high performer. If you’re a Kenzie alum and Taro member, you can engage in conversations and learn about:

  • How to get promoted quickly
  • Compensation and pay increases
  • Improved and faster onboarding
  • How to optimize performance and code reviews
  • Navigating internal structures
  • Skills needed for the job search
  • Passing technical interviews
  • And so much more to push you forward

You get to view expert Q&As with real engineers, case studies, and insights from engineering leaders and experienced technologists from top tech companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Netflix, and Airbnb. You also join the Taro community that connects over topics on productivity, being a senior engineer, big tech, getting promoted, and building relationships. Get matched with another community member, attend office hours with the founders, receive invitations to special events, and network with others who are just as ambitious and driven as you are.

Join the Taro Community Through Kenzie

Kenzie alumni receive a 20% discount for a premium membership! One of the most important parts of growing a tech career is continuous learning, staying relevant, networking, and immersing yourself in the industry. Taro is a tool that can help you do it all.

If you have questions or need help, email Matt Cummings at

Learn more about Taro at and its exclusive benefits and check out their YouTube channel!

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