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Most Popular Coding Languages

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In a previous Kenzie Academy blog, we broke down some of the most essential and beneficial coding languages around to help you determine which one best suits your goals. Now, we want to keep you up to date on today’s tech industry trends and shed some light on the preferred programming languages being used in web development today by software engineers around the world.

Keep this information in mind as you shape your coding skills and continue your journey toward a career in tech.

Most Popular Coding Languages

Coding Languages

  • Python

    When Guido van Rossum created Python in 1991, he emphasized readability. It’s the reason why it continues to be the go-to option for people looking for the best coding language to learn. Amazingly enough, decades after its introduction, Python continues to be a staple in the tech industry. In fact, this easy-to-read coding language was used to create the likes of YouTube, Google Search, and iRobot machines. Even social media giants, such as Instagram and Pinterest, were created using Python!

    Where It Shines

    While Python can’t effectively be applied in the development of mobile web applications, it’s widely used in artificial intelligence, financial services, and data science. Its popularity, simple syntax, and integration makes it an especially useful language for startups.

  • JavaScript

    If you plan to leave your mark on the tech world, then JavaScript is a must. It is a popular programming language to learn, used in tandem with Node.js (an open-source runtime environment) to create web applications. This language is so dynamic that it is commonly used to build browser-run games and in app development. It’s important to remember JavaScript is considered an effective springboard to other more complex languages.

    Where It Shines

    JavaScript has played an important role in applications with extremely high traffic, such as Twitter, Spotify, and eBay. It is used substantially by software engineers in web and app development. Plus, its compatibility with Node.js allows developers to create browser-centric applications without the added need of a downloadable application.

  • Java

    If a large business needs coding, chances are Java is its preferred language. But why is this the standard for these companies? Java was designed as a loosely coupled language. This essentially means its elements are largely independent of each other — which, to put it bluntly, means whatever is written in Java will almost certainly run anywhere.

    Learning Java is no easy feat. However, in doing so, you will have a thorough understanding of essential fundamental principles which will make it easier to pick up any other programming language.

    Where It Shines

    If you’re aiming for a job at an industry leader such as Instagram, Spotify, or Amazon, Java is a well-rounded option. Not to mention, if your goal is to become an app development superstar, you’ll be happy to know Android applications use Java considerably.

  • C#

    C# was created by Microsoft as a faster and safer alternative to the C programming language. Of course, being developed by one of the world’s leading technology corporations comes with some perks. To start, C# is integrated with the .NET software framework, which allows the language to support the development of Windows applications. It can additionally be used by software engineers to create browser plug-ins and as a foundation for mobile devices.

    Where It Shines

    As you can imagine, C#’s relation to Microsoft makes it the language of choice for Windows applications. Companies such as Stack Overflow and Intuit also employ C# in their operations. But, the most exciting thing you’ll likely want to hear is that C# is a popular language in video game development!

  • C++

    The C programming language was created in 1972 and has served as the blueprint for languages like Python and Ruby. C++ was designed as an extension of C. While it may not have a hand in running applications directly, it’s widely used to program the systems applications use to run effectively. One of the key characteristics of C++ is just how well it works with systems that run in multiple devices and systems.

    Where It Shines

    If you’re looking for a programming language to learn and help you achieve a future in video game development, we have great news! C++ is one of the most popular coding languages in video games. In fact, most computer games are written with C++, which means video game studios have a very sizable soft spot for it.

  • PHP

    Good things last a very long time and PHP is no exception. This coding language is popular in the production of dynamic websites that have nearly constant communication with servers. Simply put, PHP is the glue holding content and the way in which it’s viewed together. Additionally, its long-standing popularity has enabled users to produce libraries, frameworks, and tools that make it much easier to learn and use. With that said, it’s important to acknowledge that PHP is not necessarily the best coding language to learn. While its value is undeniable, it’s beginning to show its age and may very well be phased out in the future.

    Where It Shines

    Web powerhouses such as Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia trust PHP to help run the content on their websites. These same companies will additionally always need software engineers and new developers to keep them moving forward. Put these two factors together and you will find that PHP may be the door you take to enter a bright new career in tech!


    There’s no denying Apple has one of the top spots in technology throughout the world. With devices like Mac computers, iPhones, Apple Watches, and everything else in between, the Cupertino-based giant has a strong hold in society as a whole. And, at the center of it all, is the Swift coding language. Much like its modern counterparts, Swift is a language that’s easy to read, fast, and adaptable to different sides of the development process.

    Where It Shines

    Think of every Apple product you can. Now think of all the iOS applications you can. Once you finish adding them up (may take a while) you’ll understand how prevalent Swift really is. You’ll also see just how many career possibilities stand before you!

  • GO

    If we spent time talking about Apple and its high-powered influence, you know we have to give the same respect to Google. Go was created by the technology giant in 2007 and emphasized effectiveness, security, and readability. One of its most evident shining points is its ability to work with distributed systems efficiently. This means if systems need to communicate but live in different networks, Go can get the job done easily.

    Additionally, the fact that Go has a sizable vocabulary translates to amazing proficiency in displaying large amounts of information. This makes this coding language especially useful for web applications that are tasked with processing a lot of data.

    Where It Shines

    Go’s ability to process large quantities of data made it the ideal coding language in applications such as Netflix, Twitch, and, of course, Google. It is also very popular in audio and video editing applications for the very same reason. So, if you’re looking to make a career happen at the Mount Olympus of technology, Go can be the best coding language to learn and get you there.


  • C

    As we mentioned before, C is the “ol’ reliable” of coding languages. It runs on almost any type of device, is highly useful in debugging, and a staple in hardware, such as vehicle and medical devices. The drawback here is C is getting up there in age and not widely used in many modern web applications.

  • R

    If a company needs a coding language for analytics and machine learning applications, R is the go-to option. It’s what makes coders who know R such sought-after assets in the tech industry. However, its uses are rather niche and it lacks the programming guidelines of established coding languages like PHP and Java.

  • RUBY

    Ruby is a great option for a first language to learn. In fact, its creator, Yukihiro Matsumoto, designed it with the coder in mind, not the machine. Its main appeal to coders is that it’s easy to read and fun to write with — so much so that it is regularly used in many high-traffic websites, such as Twitter.

    The introduction of the Ruby on Rails framework made Ruby especially popular. This framework is renowned for its flexibility, security, and its ability to make otherwise lengthy development periods relatively short. The Ruby on Rails impact has been so impressive that it opened the door to the creation of similar frameworks for other coding languages

  • Rust

    If you’re looking for a coding language that performs valiantly where things are happening all at once and security is a priority, Rust has you covered. This coding language is used in operating systems, VR, and web applications alike. It also embodies flexibility and allows coders to perform in a wide range of programming styles. While not as widely known as other languages, Rust is always a good option to have if you want to improve your hireability.

  • Perl

    Let’s start off by saying Perl is not necessarily the most used coding language out there. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be a difference maker in your career. You see, when Perl came into the scene in 1987, it was primarily used for programming text. This made it easy to learn and practical when it came to text processing.

    Perl continues to be useful in the development of proof of concepts, which is always going to be something important for any company. If you want to boost your job prospects, Pearl may be a great programming language to learn.

Let’s Make It Happen

As you can see, the most in-demand coding languages for companies throughout the tech industry make ideal options for anyone ready to begin a new career in tech. The best thing is you don’t have to settle for just one! As you continue to grow and learn, you may find your preference grows to include two, three, or even more coding languages.

The best thing to do is the simplest one: get started. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Kenzie Academy is here to support you and help make things happen, even if it all seems overwhelming at first. Our programs are designed to get you from coding amateur to an absolute coding rockstar within months!

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