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How to Negotiate a Tech Job Offer

How to Negotiate a Tech Job Offer

So you’ve done it – you’ve gotten a tech job offer!

First of all, congratulations! You’re well on your way to leveling up in life. Whether you’re about to begin a career as a Software Engineer or UX Designer, you’ve officially broken into the tech industry. With high paying salaries, amazing benefits, and the ability to work remote, you’ll love your new gig.

But before you accept, you’ve gotta negotiate. Negotiation is a necessary, and sometimes uncomfortable, part of the job search but being able to speak up for yourself and communicate what you want will boost your self-confidence and put more money in your pocket. Negotiation skills are especially important for women and racial minorities who are contending with a gnarly pay gap.

Make the process a little easier by using these tips in your next tech job offer negotiation.

Buy Some Time 

Job offers often come through unexpected phone calls from the recruiter or manager who walked with you through the process. You’re overjoyed, of course, and you feel extremely grateful for the offer, but don’t feel pressured to accept on the spot. After thanking the hiring manager and letting them know how enthusiastic you are to potentially work with the company, ask to schedule a phone call to speak about the offer the following day. This gives you time to think about what the offer really means to you, excitement aside. It’s especially helpful if you’re considering more than one offer at a time.

Get the Offer in Writing 

Before hanging up, be sure to ask the hiring manager to send the offer details via email. This will be helpful as you digest aspects beyond salary: What health benefits are they offering? What about savings and retirement? Do you want to negotiate for more vacation time? This also allows you to confirm the details that were shared over the phone. With all that said, never submit your counteroffer via email. Tone and voice are so important in this process, so share your personality and excitement on a phone call after you’ve had time to think everything over.

Show Gratitude 

Negotiation is a great way to showcase your soft skills and give the company a taste of what you’ll be like as an employee. That’s why gratitude is key in this process. Be sure to thank hiring managers and express your interest in the company and position before delivering a counteroffer. You can never say “thank you” enough in these conversations because showing your gratitude makes it easier to lead the negotiation conversation with positivity.

Take Advantage of Resources 

Did you know you can hire a negotiation coach, listen to a podcast, or even attend virtual workshops on negotiation? If the process of asking for more isn’t currently in your skillset, practice with a professional like Emilie Aries, CEO of Bossed Up. Emilie is a negotiation queen who helps women close the pay gap, one salary negotiation at a time. You can also practice with friends and family before going into the real conversation.

Happy negotiating! We know you’re gonna make big moves in the tech world.


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