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Skills development is a main focus for your success in tech. But we can’t overlook the components that make your workspace a productive and comfortable place for you to gain those skills! Whether you’re coding, designing, or brainstorming your next project, these tech accessories recommended by the Kenzie Team can help enhance your workstation and supplement your productivity.

Tech Accessories

  • Monitors

    Computer monitors come in a wide range of sizes, resolutions, and prices. The most common monitor resolutions are 1080p, 1440p, and 4K, while the most common display sizes range from 22 to 32 inches.

    In general, the bigger and more dynamic the resolution, the more expensive your monitor will be. If budget is not an issue, a 4K resolution on the biggest display possible is a definite flex. However, today we’ll focus on affordable 27-inch displays for a comfortable 1080p viewing experience. The following display options all range from only $150 to $160 before taxes:

    Any one of these displays is an option that’s more than capable of taking your workspace to the next level — they provide a great middle ground at great prices. The 27-inch display has long been the standard for workspaces. It’s big enough to display multiple windows but not too big that it overworks your eyes. The 1080p resolution provides a crisp image quality that will keep things clear and prevent your vision from straining as you work. If you decide to upgrade your monitor in the future, these monitor options can easily be used as a second monitor in a multiple-display workspace.

  • Keyboards and Mice

    You interact with your keyboard and mouse for hours on any given day. So, why not invest in ones that will make your work experience efficient, enjoyable, and much more comfortable? The following keyboard and mouse options all have ergonomic features to improve posture while minimizing strain as well as wireless capabilities:

  • Office Chairs

    When it comes to sitting at your workspace, comfort and posture should be a priority. If you’ve previously struggled to find an office chair that provides both, these options may be what you need. The following options are ergonomic, made with breathable fabrics, and range in price from $170 to $370 before taxes:

  • Wrist Support

    We can’t stress this enough: comfort and posture are very important for those intense work sessions behind your desk! If you want to avoid the discomfort associated with wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist support is the way to go. These simple accessories are relatively affordable (less than $20 before taxes) but can be effective in giving your wrists the support they need:

  • Miscellaneous Gadgets

    Check out these workspace gadgets that can enhance the way you work. First off is the Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses. They are designed to limit the amount of stress and discomfort in your eyes as a result of extended screen time. Next up is the Sikon AC Outlet Portable Power Bank — if you’re working on the go, this nifty gadget can help keep your laptop alive and running for longer. Lastly, we want to mention the Flexispot EG1 Essential Standing Desk. It’s electric and looks great, but most importantly, it helps get the blood flowing as you complete your tasks!

Ready to Work

The right accessories in a comfortable workspace can really make a difference as you work on your projects. Whether you’re writing code or working on a new look for a website, we hope the tech accessories recommended by the Kenzie Team can help you focus, work comfortably, and take your productivity to the next level.

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