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Top 14 Best Places for Web Developer Jobs in the U.S.

Top 14 Best Places for Web Developer Jobs in the U.S.

Tech hubs now reach far beyond Silicon Valley. So, whether you want to work in UX design or software engineering, chances are you can find the right job in your home state. 

To be extra sure you’re in the right place at the right time, we examined data from LinkedIn, Indeed, and ValuePenguin to bring you the top 14 best places for Web Developer jobs in the United States. Consider moving to one of these bustling tech cities to launch your career as a Web Developer this year. 

Here’s what we’ll explore today: 

  • Is there a high demand for Web Developers? 
  • Where do Web Developers make the most money?
  • Is being a Web Developer a good career in 2021? 
  • What are the top 14 best places for Web Developer jobs in the U.S.? 

Is there a high demand for Web Developers? 

Short answer: Absolutely!

Long answer: The demand for Web Developers has been steadily increasing over the last couple of decades. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, employment for Web Developers and Digital Designers is expected to grow 8 percent from 2019 to 2029. This rate is much faster than the average growth for all occupations. Indeed currently has over 24,000 job postings for Web Developers in the U.S., further showcasing the incredible demand for developers right now.  

Where do Web Developers make the most money?

According to the most recent data on LinkedIn, developers stand to make the most money in the following U.S. cities (read more about these cities below): 

San Francisco

Median base salary: $92,600 per year

Range: $48K – $136K


Median base salary: $78,500 per year

Range: $54K – $102K


Median base salary: $75,000 per year

Range: $55K – $107K


Median base salary: $72,000 per year

Range: $45K – $100K

Washington D.C. 

Median base salary: $72,000 per year

Range: $50K – $93K

Is being a Web Developer a good career in 2021? 

In addition to being an in-demand career, web development typically pays pretty well and offers location flexibility. With so much new technology continuously coming out, it’s safe to say web development can make for a stable and fulfilling career choice in 2021. 

What are the top 14 best cities for Web Developer jobs in the U.S.? 

We evaluated these cities based on the cost of living, quality of life, available job opportunities, and salary. Here are 14 of the best cities for Web Developers in the U.S. 

San Francisco

San Francisco, CA remains the reigning tech hub of the nation. While the pandemic prompted many tech workers and several companies to leave the city and set up headquarters across the country (and the world… we see you digital nomads), data shows that the city is still seeing growth. Those on the hunt for a job in San Francisco, CA can keep their eyes on startups like Pathstream and Coil. As mentioned above, the median base salary for Web Developers in San Fran is $92,600, according to LinkedIn. 


Seattle has become one of the most vibrant tech hubs for professionals looking to break into the industry. Established industries like manufacturing, maritime, life sciences, global health, and technology offer a strong foundation for a growing startup scene. Meanwhile, tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft are headquartered here and a growing array of startups like Qumulo and Rover have cropped up in recent years. Emerald City job seekers, add these companies to your list of potential employers. According to LinkedIn, the median base salary for developers in Seattle is $78,500. 


Denver, also known as Silicon Mountain, has a lot to offer Web Developers and other tech innovators. Many are flocking here for its affordable cost of living, proximity to nature, and established infrastructure. Top industries include bioscience, energy, aerospace, financial services, and IT software. The city is now home to companies like Palantir and Zoom. The median base salary for developers in Denver is $75,000, according to LinkedIn. 


In 2019, several reports surfaced about the “Web Developer drought” in Chicago, IL. With rapid startup growth, the 2010s saw a sudden increase in demand for developers in the city. This shortage has been a benefit to developers in Chicago as they have access to high pay and a wealth of job opportunities. The Windy City is home to tech companies like GrubHub and CNA. Chicago, IL. is known for its manufacturing, transportation, information technology, and health services industries. Those interested in making a web development career in Chicago, IL. will be jazzed to hear that the median base salary is $72,o00 a year, according to LinkedIn. 

Washington D.C. 

Washington D.C. is a unique kind of tech hub as it’s a city where history is constantly being made. The nation’s capital boasts the federal government, world-class hospitals, think tanks, and a brand-new Amazon headquarters. Tech workers are flocking to D.C. for startups in the healthcare and cybersecurity spaces. Job seekers should pay special attention to companies like Afiniti, CleanChoice Energy, and EVERFI. The median base salary for D.C. developers is $72,000, according to LinkedIn. 


Philadelphia offers historical charm and mouth-watering food on top of being a sports lover’s paradise. The city has also been making moves to diversify and broaden its tech sector. In 2020, the government spent half a million dollars funding a variety of organizations working on diversity efforts. Philadelphia’s key industries include energy, information technology, logistics, life sciences, manufacturing, and financial services— providing the perfect backdrop for many innovators and entrepreneurs. Web Developers can thrive in this burgeoning tech city and stand to make an average base salary of $70,300 per year, according to LinkedIn.  

New York City

Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today. Iconic songs about this great city aside, New York City offers a bustling arts and culture scene and access to a plethora of web development jobs. New York is the second largest startup ecosystem in the world and heavy hitters like Spotify, Google, and Facebook have offices in the city. If you’re on the hunt for a web development job in New York City, you’ll be happy to hear that the average base salary is $70,000 per year, according to LinkedIn. Add companies like Slack and Square to your list of potential employers. 

Dallas-Fort Worth 

Some venture to say Dallas-Fort Worth is the next Silicon Valley. While we don’t see San Francisco becoming any less of a tech powerhouse, it’s easy to see why some are ready to hightail it to this southern utopia. Dallas boasts low housing costs as well as top-of-the-line restaurants and shopping centers. The metropolis’ top industries include construction, media, IT services, food manufacturing, logistics, and telecommunications. Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, and IBM are all companies to consider submitting applications to in your job search if you’re on the hunt in Dallas. Web Developers can earn a median base salary of $70,000 annually in Dallas, according to LinkedIn. 


Boston is an exciting mix of New England charm, innovation, and revolution, thanks to this port city’s historical roots and educational ties. Boston’s tech hub offers Web Developers access to jobs in health tech, fintech, edtech, and manufacturing tech. In January, Amazon announced plans to bring 3,000 jobs to the city with its new Seaport-based facility. Boston job seekers can consider applying to companies like Toast and Mabl. Boston offers a base salary of $70,000, according to LinkedIn. 


With Detroit’s history of innovation, it’s no surprise that the Motor City is a growing tech hub today. Detroit demonstrates its resilience and continues to reinvent itself despite the storied and painful scars its auto industry has seen. Today, top industries include information technology, manufacturing, finance, and advertising. Currently, Detroit plays host to over 50,000 small businesses and it’s seen a 63% boost in business growth, according to Built In. Companies such as Twitter and Amazon have offices and facilities here. Job seekers can check out startups like Airspace Link and Cocoon Advisors. Detroit offers a median base salary of $70,000, according to LinkedIn. 


Austin, TX has long had ties to some of the world’s biggest tech companies including Google, Dell, and Samsung. Amidst the pandemic, founders like Tesla’s Elon Musk are setting up shop in what is quickly becoming a Web Developer’s paradise. Between Austin’s booming tech ecosystem and one-of-a-kind cultural scene, it’s no wonder Austin is an attractive place to live and work. Austin, TX is known for its advanced manufacturing, clean technology, space technology, and digital media industries. Up and coming developers should check out companies like A Cloud Guru and Ascension. The base salary for Austinian coders is $60,000 per year, according to LinkedIn. 


Charlotte is home to industries like biotech and financial services, as well as a host of corporate headquarters. Junior engineers can find opportunities to learn on the job with Charlotte’s financial organizations, many of which are currently navigating the digital transformation. Charlotte job seekers can check out organizations like Bank of AmericaLendingTree, and Kenzie Employer Partner Glew. Charlotte, NC offers web development talent an average base salary of $63,700, according to LinkedIn. 


Among top tech cities, Atlanta is an innovator’s dream. Atlanta, GA has it all— a unique blend of southern charm, music, and an amazing food scene. Tech jobs are well supported here with startup incubators and collaborative communities abounding. The Atlanta Tech Village has led to the creation of more than 6,500 jobs, so it’s safe to say the state of Georgia is ready to be a place software professionals want to live and work. The base salary for Web Developers in Atlanta, GA is $65,000, according to LinkedIn. Looking for a tech job in this state? Be sure to check out startups Bark and Tapverse


Portland’s one-of-a-kind culture makes it a great spot to live and work (and the views aren’t bad either). This inspiring, eccentric city provides indie shopping, unique fine dining, gorgeous gardens, and PNW charm. It’s easy to see why so many companies are setting up shop here. Established industries like athletic apparel and outdoor gear, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology offer a strong foundation for a growing startup scene. Job seekers have a plethora of opportunities in Portland with a growing list of small and mid-sized startups like Airship and Instrument cropping up. According to LinkedIn, the average base salary for Portland software talent is $65,500.

Where will you kick off your web development career? Let us know what companies and cities you’re most interested in on Twitter.  

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