Why 7 Alums Fell in Love with Kenzie Academy

Why 7 Alums Fell in Love with Kenzie Academy

Making the decision to go to school is a big commitment and sure, there’s a lot of uncertainty. Will it be worth it? Is there a future? Is this the right school for me?

Sometimes you just have to take the risk and go for it. That’s what 7 of our alums did, and they found their perfect match with Kenzie Academy.

My first instructor and my first facilitator are the people that made the most impression on me when I first came to Kenzie … They provided so much support. My instructor was amazing. He can definitely impart knowledge in a way that makes it seem like it’s simple. I wasn’t able to get it really fast. He’s really calm and collected. I really like his style of teaching … He’s always there for you.

Efren Gonzalez ‘21, Software Engineering

The culture at Kenzie Academy is incredible! Kenzie Academy is full of knowledgeable, inclusive, and friendly people. It really felt like a second family, and everyone was so willing to do whatever it took to support each other.

Kevin Carter ‘21, UX Design

The [facilitators] are some of the most amazing people because it’s not like a classroom where they’re available from time A to B. They’re available throughout many hours. Anytime you need help, you can always contact them or another classmate. You can just send them a message. All of them are kind individuals, so you’re always able to get help from them, and it’s really awesome because of that.

Justin Wu ‘21, Full-Stack Web Development

When I went to Kenzie, I looked at all the bootcamps, and I just kept seeing the flawed nature of a 3-month schedule. How could I potentially learn just enough to get a career that’s highly competitive with 3 months of education? Kenzie is a year program. It is hard, but it’s a legitimate trade school. And so that’s what Kenzie does — specific skills training.

Kevin Clark ‘21, Software Engineering

Kenzie’s career staff was a huge part of my success landing my position. They were extremely supportive and helpful when it came to interview prep and helped me shake my nerves before all my interviews! They were also there and ready to celebrate with me when the offer finally came through!

Kirsten Bystrom ‘21, UX Design

The Kenzie community is very welcoming, engaging, and collaborative. The staff treats everyone with kindness and respect, and it often felt like speaking with good friends the way they root for your success. Friends! I met some amazing people from all over the country. We laughed, studied, shared our struggles, and crossed the finish line together!

Rudi Jones ‘21, Web Development

[My experience] was absolutely incredible. The people are amazing. The instructors are great. The curriculum is well thought out and easy to follow. The amount of care and compassion shown by the staff is second to none … Kenzie really, really goes out of their way to try and understand everybody’s individual situation and make sure that everyone can be successful in their own individual situation.

Manny Ledoux ‘21, Software Engineering

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