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Why You Should Consider a Career in UX Design

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By Catherine Reed

When it comes to career options, UX Design is sort of a new kid on the tech block. Though the field is in its infancy, it’s definitely not one to be ignored.

UX Design is a stellar option for anyone wanting to merge their love of technology and their desire to help others flourish. Plus, it gives professionals an arguably more stable chance to embrace artistic flare than, perhaps, being an artist. After all, “design” is in the job title, and this job exists in the growing tech industry, so would you expect anything else?

User Experience (UX) Design is gaining traction because companies came to their senses. They finally realized they can’t ignore the quality of the experiences they offer their customers and employees. If they do, it could be their doom (*dun dun duuun*).

Externally, customers aren’t going to flock to a complicated or convoluted website, app, software, or similar offering. This means creating something engaging and intuitive is crucial, so companies turn to UX Designers to make the magic happen.

Functional, visually striking design is not only a pathway for companies to attract customers, but also to attract top job candidates by becoming an employer of choice. After all, the business with the best toys is likely to make a better impression than a company with old plugin spaces littering its interface (RIP Flash). So, companies hire UX Designers to make this happen, too.

We’ve already covered what UX Design is, so now let’s talk about why you should consider a career in the field. Here’s a look at all of the amazing reasons why a UX Design career could be right for you.

Companies Are Begging for UX Designers

Admittedly, “begging” may be a bit dramatic. But also… where’s the lie? In general, the demand for UX Designers far outweighs supply. There simply aren’t enough people working in the field to go around, which works in your favor.

Today, user experience is a priority. For customer-facing products, UX Design enhances the customer experience (CX). It lets a company stand out, mainly by making its products effortless and intuitive to use.

But UX is also critical for internal projects, as creating solutions employees can easily integrate into their professional lives increases productivity. To put it simply, higher productivity means a better bottom line. And what company is going to ignore a path to bigger profits?

UX Design Will Do Your Bank Account Right

Sure, picking a career shouldn’t be entirely about the money. It’s important you find your job rewarding. And, if you’re miserable at work, the size of your paycheck probably won’t make up for this, so you want to choose a field you find engaging.

But, while money isn’t everything, it’s always something. Having a career that allows you to pay your bills and live a comfortable life is a good thing. So, how much do UX Designers make? Well, on average, they earn just shy of $74,000 a year. Not too shabby, right?

And, if you reach the upper echelons of the field, an annual salary of more than $107,000 is entirely possible. It’ll take a bit of time to get there – after all, experience matters when it comes to any career – but you can make bank if you’re diligent and dedicated.

Not Everyone Gets to Combine Tech and Art

The number of tech careers allowing people to also embrace their artistic sides is limited. Sure, UX Design isn’t the only option, but it’s certainly one of the very few fields where technology, aesthetics, and functionality all need to come together.

If you adore tech but don’t want to forgo traditional creative pursuits, UX Design might be a perfect option. Along with tech skills like coding, having an appreciation for color theory, an understanding of layouts, and similar knowledge serves you well in this field. It’s really a best-of-both-worlds scenario, and you just don’t find that everywhere.

Yes, You’ll Be Helping People, Too

Many people want to find a job where they can help people. UX Design is all about ensuring software or apps work in a way which makes sense to the user. It’s about giving people the best experience possible, making decisions based on what serves their needs, and streamlines processes for them. UX Designers empathize with the end-user, putting themselves in the user’s shoes to ensure the results are enjoyable, efficient, and even beautiful.

Plus, UX Design promotes accessibility. By focusing on simple-to-use designs, you prevent tech from being intimidating to the less tech-savvy among us. You may even get to help vulnerable populations make the most of technology, designing and implementing options to help the elderly or disabled use the solution comfortably. Pretty cool.

So, what does this all mean? UX Designers are helping people.

Even better, with UX Design, you’re simultaneously enabling enjoyment. When the design is good, the app is more fun and pleasant to use, so people keep coming back for more. And what’s better than being able to delight users day in and day out? Spoiler: It’s a rhetorical question

Ultimately, UX Design is a great career choice for anyone who loves tech and art, and who also wants to help improve things by empathizing with other people’s quality of life. With UX Design, you can do all of this while securing a solid paycheck. When push comes to shove, that’s pretty hard to beat.

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