11 Women’s Organizations Making a Difference in the Tech Space

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March marks the start of Women’s History Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the impact women have made throughout history to today. To commemorate Women’s History Month, Kenzie Academy from Southern New Hampshire University highlights 11 organizations making strides for equity and uplifting the work of women in tech.

Women Who Code

The Women Who Code mission is simple: inspire women to excel in tech. They want a world where women take on the role of tech leader, executive, founder, and everything in between. To make it happen, Women Who Code have built a supportive community that networks, mentors, and values talent. They empower women to develop the skills needed for career advancement and educate companies on methods to help women progress.

Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) was founded in 1950 to support and promote women in engineering and technology. Their mission is to empower women as they unlock their full potential in their careers while demonstrating the value of diversity and inclusion. The organization provides resources and opportunities, including networking events, career development programs, leadership training, and professional development resources. SWE also conducts research on issues affecting women in engineering and advocates for policies that support women’s advancement in the field.

Wonder Women Tech

Wonder Women Tech (WWT) addresses the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for women in technology and innovation. To bring change to the forefront of historically underserved communities, WWT hosts events and provides networking opportunities, mentorship programs, learning resources, and other tools geared toward tech success. They also partner with Fortune 500 companies, organizations, and government agencies to raise awareness of the importance of diverse and inclusive workspaces, technologies, and solutions.

Latinas in STEM

Since 2013, Latinas in STEM offers outreach programs, post-secondary support, and professional development opportunities to strengthen the position of Latinas in tech. The organization’s driving force comes from the dedication of STEM graduates and professionals who want to make an impact for women in underserved communities. Latinas in STEM also educates parents, just as much as their daughters, so they can be better positioned to support their educational journey along the way.


BlackcomputHER provides programs and initiatives such as mentorships, coding bootcamps, hackathons, and networking events to increase the representation of Black women in computing and technology. The organization also advocates for policy changes and strategies that promote DEI and combat the systematic barriers affecting representation.


There is a significant need for Latina representation in tech and TECHNOLOchicas is working to even the playing field. The program’s approach highlights the strengths, needs, and interests of Latinas by celebrating and raising awareness for the Latina tech talent community. Ultimately, TECHNOLOchicas wants to show the Latinx community “their daughters can achieve the same, or even greater, success in the technology industry.”

Black Girls in Tech

The mission of Black Girls in Tech is to empower and inspire the next generation of women in tech by providing them with the skills, resources, scholarships and other opportunities they need to succeed. The organization aims to create a more diverse and inclusive tech industry, where Black women are fully represented and able to thrive.

Girls Who Code

The Girls Who Code mission is to close the gender gap in tech considerably by 2030 — to shine a new light on what today’s programmer should look like. To do so, Girls Who Code offers coding programs and clubs to girls starting in grade 3 and up to college students. The goal of these programs is twofold: teach code and foster a sisterhood of like-minded individuals ready to make an impact in the tech world.

Black Girls in Cyber

Black Girls in Cyber is increasing awareness of the cybersecurity industry and supporting women of color as they work their way into this fast-growing tech sector. The organization offers programs, conferences, mentorships, and scholarships to create opportunities and encourage diversity in the field.

Muslim Women in Technology

Muslim Women in Technology is a nonprofit organization working to empower and support Muslim women in the tech space. They offer resources, opportunities, and the help of a like-minded community to propel their mission for equity forward.

Baddies in Tech

Baddies in Tech is a movement started to meet the need for a space where women of color can connect, network, and support each other. By creating these safe spaces, Baddies in Tech hopes to help women overcome barriers, increase representation, and create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

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