Your Kenzie Journey: From Enrollment to Hired

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Getting an education is often the first step toward a new career in the tech industry. If you want to learn to code or develop a skill set in another tech area, you can start your journey in a Kenzie Academy tech certificate program from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). To help you reach your goals, the Kenzie Team supports you every step of the way. We help set you up for success from the moment you apply to graduating and getting a job, starting with the Admissions Team.


Our Admissions Team begins working with you the moment you reach out with your interest in a tech education. Your Admissions Counselor will:

  • Ask questions to learn more about you (like your background, career goals, professional experience, and why you’re interested in tech)
  • Provide information about Kenzie Academy programs or the one you’re interested in
  • Share more about Kenzie and the learning experience

Part of this initial process is for us to get to know you — and for you to get to know us! Then your Admissions Counselor will let you know what to expect in the enrollment process and connect you to the next team. If you have any doubts or questions at any point, your Admissions Counselor will assist you personally and step-by-step.

Financial Services

One of the biggest asterisks in education of any kind is the cost. It’s a cause for concern for many learners who may not be prepared to make decisions on their own. However, the Kenzie Academy goal is to be transparent about how to pay for tuition while helping you graduate in the best financial situation possible.

The Financial Services Team breaks down costs, fees, and payment options such as federal student aid. Your Financial Aid Specialist will provide guidance as you evaluate your situation, address your concerns, and answer any questions. We understand this is a major investment in your future and we want to help you find the most affordable pathway to reaching your goals.

Learner Services

The Learner Services Team helps you kick-off your course and cross the finish line. You’ll be assigned to a Learner Services Advisor who is your partner and coach throughout your Kenzie journey. They’ll help you stay on track to achieve your goals, connect you to learner resources, help you navigate your coursework and life, and more as your support system. This is a collaborative effort, so your advisor will reach out to you regularly and encourage you to stay in touch as well.


Kenzie Academy is an intensive, short-term bootcamp style program where you can learn to code and more. It’s longer than traditional bootcamps, allowing for more in-depth learning across different tech areas. It also offers many services to help you become career-ready while still on an accelerated path.

In your Kenzie Academy program, you will learn tech concepts, gain new skills, and put them all to use in situations that mimic the tech industry. This approach helps you become more familiar with the pace, projects, and processes of the tech space, which can make your transition into your first tech job much more seamless.

You’ll also collaborate with your cohort, and if you ever need assistance, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your Academic team members who are always eager to help. From our Subject Matter Experts to our Coaches, you can count on someone to help you grasp your new knowledge and provide direction through your coursework.

Career Services

The journey through tech education is just as important as the ultimate objective: finding a job. With the help of our Career Services Team and the Career Curriculum course, you will prepare your resume, portfolio, and other job application materials for the job search process.

You’ll be assigned to a Career Advisor who will help you plan a job search strategy and more to shape you into a confident job candidate. If you need help fine-tuning your interviewing skills, they will get you up to speed by sharing best practices and providing mock interviews. They’ll also share advice on networking and navigating your options so you can enter the job market better connected and well-informed.

As you start to focus more on the job search, you may also want to attend info sessions and Kenzie Career Fairs to learn about employers and discover opportunities.

Alumni Engagement

Our commitment to your success continues beyond graduation through the efforts of Alumni Engagement. This team helps you find resources, facilitates connections, and supports professional and personal growth as you take the next steps toward getting a job and starting your career.

As you transition from Kenzie learner to Kenzie grad and alum, you’re always a part of the Kenzie Family. The Alumni Engagement Team encourages you to stay connected to the community and reach out if you ever need anything. As an alum, you also have the opportunity to share your story if you’d like to inspire and help others who may be where you once were.

Kenzie Learner to Lifelong Learner

The destination of your Kenzie journey may be graduation and getting a job; however, earning your certificate doesn’t have to be the end of the road. The Kenzie teams help shape you into a tech professional who can grow throughout your career and build upon your education as a continuous learner.

For instance, your next step may be to apply completed program credits toward a degree program like computer science at SNHU or another institution. Or, if you’re in the Kenzie Cybersecurity program, you may choose to earn a cybersecurity certification from EC-Council. You also don’t have to do it all at once — you may choose to upskill years down the road or at a point in your job where you need to expand your knowledge. Kenzie is only the beginning.

The Kenzie Difference

The path through tech education is incredibly rewarding, yet it has its challenges, and you don’t have to go at it alone. From the moment you inquire about Kenzie online or after you’ve tried your hand at coding with Kenzie Free, our dedicated teams help you kick-start your career in tech. Are you ready to shape your new future? Apply today and get started.

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