Career Services Team

Meet the Career Services Team

  • Alayne Barrett
    Alayne Barrett
    Director, Career Services
  • Lillian Wang
    Lillian Wang
    Career Advisor
  • Danielle Hunt
    Danielle Hunt
    Career Advisor
  • Kirk Schuster
    Kirk Schuster
    Career Advisor
Stand out from the competition
Stand out from the competition

A Career Advisor provides job searching advice and career guidance. As your champion and support system, they invest in helping you become a qualified candidate who’s equipped and prepared to get the job. Be proactive — and you and your dedicated Career Advisor will:

  • Create a job search strategy tailored to you
  • Finalize artifacts or application materials (e.g., resume, and Kenzie and CareerScore profiles)
  • Prep for interviews and practice interviewing
  • Review networking best practices

Also, make sure to maximize your job search by attending weekly Job Huddles, workshops, and advising office hours. Team up with Career Services and let’s get you hired after you cross the finish line!

Career Curriculum Course

The final course in your program is Career Curriculum. During these job-readiness training sessions, you will focus on creating your technical resume, LinkedIn profile, and GitHub. An experienced Certified Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach works directly with you to give you a competitive edge — training you on how to present these items, articulate your technical skills, and even negotiate a salary. You will also learn about today’s job market and different career tracks to determine the path you want to take. The goal of this course is to ensure you’re ready to confidently present yourself, your work, and your experience.

Career Curriculum Team

Meet the Career Curriculum Team

  • Jai Cook
    Jai Cook
    Career Curriculum Specialist
  • Derek Savick-Hesser
    Derek Savick-Hesser
    Program Developer
Learn all about the tech programs Kenzie Academy has and how many credits you will earn as well!

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Connect to employer partners hiring Kenzie grads

You get insider access to current job openings from our network of employer partners on the Kenzie Job Board. The Employer Outreach Team also works directly with employer partners to get you exposure and proactively sends recommendations on your behalf. Committed to the Kenzie mission, employer partners are interested in Kenzie grads and work closely with us to help get our grads explore employment opportunities!


Here to support you in your job search
Here to support you in your job search

Services to market you in the tech industry also include:

  • CareerScore: Enter your application information into CareerScore and we’ll reach out to employers who are a great match. You can also track your job search progress.
  • Kenzie Profile: Create a profile that includes a bio, your resume, top tech skills, and a link to your LinkedIn, GitHub, and online portfolio. Hiring managers actively looking to recruit review these profiles.
  • Hiring Events: During career fairs, you can meet with employers who are looking to hire grads with your technical skill set. Employer Outreach also hosts info sessions and speaker series where employers come to chat with graduates and learners, as well as talk about open positions, company culture, career pathways, and hiring requirements.

Kenzie’s Career Services team works just as hard as you do to help you reach your career goals. Take advantage of the support, resources, tools, and connections to succeed in the job market throughout your career!

Keep your job goal top-of-mind

The earlier — the better.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the jobs you’ll pursue as a Kenzie learner. Career Services and the Career Curriculum Course work with you to shape you into an in-demand candidate sought after by employers. Many Kenzie learners find opportunities and connect with employers before they even graduate! Start to prepare right from the beginning, so you can go from proud grad to happily hired.

Career Services for job searching success

“One thing that stands out about Kenzie Academy is that Kenzie will have people on your corner to guide you before the program even begins, during, and ever after the program ends. The career advising aspect is what made me enroll to Kenzie and made them stand out from the rest of the programs out there. They really help students present themselves to employers after graduation and help them become successful … I am grateful for my Kenzie advisor for encouraging me throughout the extensive interview process.”

– Erika Vidal, Alum

Our Programs

Software Engineering Certificate with Specialization in Backend Java
Software Engineering Certificate with Specialization in Backend Java

Amazon Technical Academy Logo
Kenzie Academy and Amazon Technical Academy co-developed this online Software Engineering with Specialization in Backend Java program for growth-minded learners looking to transition to a rewarding career in software development.

  • Tuition: $20,000
  • Time Commitment: 12 months
UX Design Certificate Program
UX Design Certificate Program

Our User Experience (UX) Design program is built for working professionals who need flexibility to get a tech education. Learn how to bring your ideas to life and become a creative UX designer.

  • Tuition: $12,500
  • Time Commitment: 9 months
Full-Stack Web Developer Certificate (MERN) Program
Full-Stack Web Developer Certificate (MERN) Program

Our web development program develops software engineers who are experts in frontend and backend systems. Get the education you need to pursue a fulfilling career in tech designing a website’s aesthetics, while managing its functionality, from writing code to managing databases.

  • Tuition: $17,000
  • Time Commitment: 9 months
Our Programs
Our Programs
Our Programs