We don’t mean to brag but we think our students are something special. They’re smart, talented, and diverse members of our Kenzie Fam, and many of them chose to take up a career in tech with no prior experience in the industry. They decided they wanted more from life and they work hard for a full year to get it — we think that’s pretty rad.

You’re probably thinking, “Hey, that’s great but what’s this got to do with me?”

Well, everything.

After 12-months of rising to the challenging Kenzie curriculum, they’re officially ready to enter the workforce. And we think you’d like to meet them.

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What Our Graduates Know

UX Designers

The UX Design program prepares students to create digital products and master design thinking with the end user in mind. With an emphasis on usability, students will learn how to research, plan, and design digital experiences.

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Software Engineers

This program prepares students to become full-stack web developers. With an emphasis on adhering to clean code principles, students are taught how to both create and deploy front and back-end web applications in an Agile business setting.

  • Portfolio of individual and team projects
  • Solve real-world problems and maintain complex applications
  • Mastery of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Python, and Java
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Are you an employer looking for talented tech workers?
Are you an employer looking for talented tech workers?
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Here’s what Kenzie grads can bring to your workforce:
Here’s what Kenzie grads can bring to your workforce:

They’ve got relevant hands-on skills. They’re also lifelong learners — adaptable and prepared to pick up new languages and skills as the industry evolves.

Our Alumni are experts at digging deep and processing complex tech problems – plus they know how to provide solutions. Since our program is longer than a traditional bootcamp experience, students get an in-depth understanding of the Software Engineering and UX Design fields. 

Our graduates are excellent fits for your organization’s culture. We work tirelessly to give them real-world scenarios in a fast-paced environment. Kenzie grads have a year of experience working on collaborative projects with fellow students from various backgrounds. They’re also not new to working remotely (just in case your office offers it).

We can’t wait to match you with one of our grads

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