The impact of learning and development

More employers are offering employer-sponsored education, tuition reimbursement, or educational benefits to attract, retain, and support the professional development and career advancement of their employees. By investing in your employees and their futures with learning and development opportunities, your employees feel valued and empowered. Your organization also benefits from training programs designed for your roles and workforce needs.

  • 71% of U.S. organizations offer tuition assistance to their employees.¹
  • 71% of participants evaluated tuition aid as one of the finest perks provided by their companies.¹
  • Most respondents (82%) said the skills or degree earned through their employer’s tuition reimbursement program helped them to be more effective employees, and 84% feel it helped them prepare for the future of work.¹

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Why Kenzie Academy?
Why Kenzie Academy?

Kenzie Academy’s mission is to provide diverse learners with equitable access to tech education, career-readiness training, and job opportunities to help people change their lives with a career in tech. We believe in educational accessibility and equity and care deeply about helping those, from any background, who want to do more in their professional lives. Through our partnership, you’ll join our mission to create opportunities for learning and working in tech, develop a more diversified and inclusive workforce, and help close the tech skills gap.

Other outcomes include:

  • Talent acquisition: Our Career Services and Career Curriculum Teams work with learners and graduates to support their job search and be prepared to interview for your positions.
  • Pipeline of talent: Our tech training programs shape growth-minded learners into job-ready employees who are trained for your future roles.
  • Credit transferability: Learners will earn a certificate from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and credits that can be applied toward a degree at SNHU or another higher education institution for continuing education.
  • Collaborate on Curriculum
    Collaborate on Curriculum

    Our innovation offering includes new programming or curriculum customization to meet your workforce needs. Learners engage in project-based, immersive learning experiences.

  • Accredited, Flexible Tech Programs
    Accredited, Flexible Tech Programs

    Our 9–12-month certificate programs focus on in-demand areas such as software engineering, full-stack web development, UX design, and cybersecurity.

  • Network of Partners
    Network of Partners

    Our network includes Amazon and Guild Education, two Kenzie Academy partners that want to advance organizational efforts and help working adults progress in their careers through tech.


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