Kenzie Academy students may drop courses prior to the start of term, through Week 1 of the term without penalty. No tuition charges are incurred by students who drop courses during the first week of the term, and the dropped course(s) will not appear on the student’s academic transcript. Students are charged 50% tuition for withdrawals that take place during week two.

Any withdrawal after week two and before the last week of the term will result in a grade of “W” appearing on the student’s academic transcript. A withdrawal after the fourth week of a term may be allowed only with approval by the student success advisor.

Withdrawals are not permitted, under any circumstance, in the last week of any term.

Withdrawn courses will appear as credits attempted but no credits earned in a student’s academic records. This could have implications in terms of Satisfactory Academic Progress or Scholastic Standing with Kenzie. Students who do not maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress will experience an impact on financial aid eligibility. Withdrawal from a course will likely impact eligibility for financial aid for the current term as well as future terms. Students should discuss these concerns with their student success advisor.

Merely ceasing to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal for academic or financial reasons. Any student who has not officially withdrawn from a course will be assigned the grade calculated based on all submitted and missed graded assignments for the course. Missed assignments will earn a grade of zero. Any student who has not officially withdrawn from a course will be responsible for full tuition and any accompanying fees.

Drop and Withdrawal Process

Students who wish to drop courses prior to the start of the term through week one of the term may do so by contacting their admissions advisor or student success advisor who can assist them with the process.

After week one of the term, students are required to follow the steps below to withdraw from courses. Students are encouraged to speak to their student success advisor for assistance. Students should consider factors, such as financial aid eligibility, Satisfactory Academic Progress and Scholastic Standing before dropping or withdrawing from courses.

Drop and Withdrawal Process Details

Step 1

Complete the Kenzie Academy Withdrawal Request Form, which will be provided by your student success advisor. All withdrawals must be submitted using the online withdrawal form. No paper withdrawal forms, voicemail, email messages or Slack messages will be accepted. The date of withdrawal is the date the completed form is submitted. Term weeks, including the first week, start on Monday at midnight and end on Sunday at 11:59 pm ET.

Step 2

Print or save the acknowledgement page that displays.

Step 3

After submitting the Kenzie Withdrawal form, students are encouraged to contact their student success advisor within 5 business days to verify that the courses are no longer registered.

Military Withdrawal

Enrolled active-duty military personnel may withdraw from a term if they are deployed to a location that has no civilian internet access. Any tuition refund requires students to provide a copy of military orders, as well as a letter from the superior officer confirming the lack of availability of civilian internet access. In appropriately documented cases, a student may be eligible to withdraw from a term with a full tuition refund if his or her withdrawal is predicated on an injury or illness directly related to his or her military service. Any such refund requires the student to provide supporting medical documentation.

Medical Withdrawal

A student may be allowed to withdraw from a term in the case of exceptional circumstances such as serious illness which must be documented by a letter from a physician, or other appropriately documented serious conditions beyond the student’s control. Kenzie administration reserves the right to make the final determination and give or deny approval for such a withdrawal. Any withdrawal made after the fourth week of term for undergraduate students and the sixth week of term for graduate students will be processed at no refund to the student.

Emergency Withdrawal

The goal of the Emergency Withdrawal policy is to support Kenzie students who may be experiencing serious extenuating personal circumstances during a term by allowing a course withdrawal after Week 1 of the term for Kenzie students. An Emergency Withdrawal, which is noted as a “W” on a student’s transcript, may be granted for extraordinary cases in which a serious and unexpected medical issue or other significant personal circumstance prevents a student from continuing his or her class(es). While the refund policy applies, Kenzie reserves discretion to allow financial consideration for Emergency Withdrawals.

In order for an Emergency Withdrawal to be considered the circumstance must be serious, unforeseen, and documented, and must not be able to be addressed through a reasonable academic arrangement:

  • Serious: Reserved for circumstances that fall well outside the norm of everyday challenges or stresses and are severe enough to reasonably cause disruption to a student’s personal and academic life.
  • Unforeseen: Reserved for circumstances that are outside a student’s control and were unanticipated at the time of registration and/or during the term’s drop period. Students applying based on chronic or intermittent issues (including pregnancy) known at the time of registration will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Documented: All Emergency Withdrawal requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation which clearly shows that the student was not able to complete his or her online class successfully.

Examples of serious, unforeseen, extenuating circumstances include unexpected extended hospitalization, death of an immediate family member, severe illness of a dependent, or natural disaster. For the purposes of the Emergency Withdrawal policy immediate family is defined as a spouse, domestic partner, parent, sibling, child, grandparent, parent-in-law, grandchild, or a member of the immediate household.

Emergency Withdrawals are not granted for circumstances that are foreseeable, avoidable, or do not significantly and reasonably impact a student’s ability to complete his or her online class. Examples of Emergency Withdrawal requests that do not qualify as an Emergency Withdrawal include change in employment, relocation, vacation, financial difficulties, or life stresses. Emergency Withdrawals are also not granted if a student does not provide sufficient documentation.


All Emergency Withdrawal requests must be received no later than 11:59 pm on the Sunday preceding the last week of the term. Students who are not able to provide new documentation or who are not able to meet the deadlines of the Emergency Withdrawal policy can file a dispute up to 90 days after the close of the term. Requests that come in after the deadline should be submitted via email to the Director of Student Accommodations & Dispute at

An Emergency Withdrawal, just like any withdrawal after the first week of the term, could have financial implications beyond the cost of the course, including a student’s eligibility for Federal Student Aid, employer benefits, military/veterans benefits, etc. An Emergency Withdrawal is not the same as a Leave of Absence, for Federal Student Aid purposes, and does not provide loan deferment benefits for any Federal loans. An Emergency Withdrawal could also impact a student’s academic completion rate and/or delay a student’s graduation date. Students are strongly encouraged to speak with their Academic Advisor and Student Financial Services about the potential implications of withdrawing before submitting an Emergency Withdrawal request.

Approval of an Emergency Withdrawal request is not guaranteed. Financial consideration outside this Course Drop and Withdrawal policy is not guaranteed.

University-Initiated Drop

Students who are enrolled at Kenzie Academy will be withdrawn for non-participation during the first week of the term. Students who do not participate during the first week forfeit their rights to be reinstated into the course in the current term. Participation is determined within the online learning environment by posting on a graded Module One discussion board within the first week of the course. Attendance or participation at Orientation activities will not impact a student’s perceived participation during the first term. Both the student’s academic team (including but not limited to Facilitators, Subject Matter experts, etc) and the Student Success team will make a good faith effort to contact students before withdrawing them by sending an email from their Kenzie Academy email address to the student’s Kenzie Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) email address.

Kenzie Academy reserves the right to drop students who fail to meet financial or academic obligations or who, because of misconduct, disrupt the academic process.

It is the responsibility of the student to be familiar with program-specific requirements around participation in the first week as they may supersede the university’s minimum standards. Students should consult with their advisor on program requirements.

Withdrawal Disputes

Withdrawal disputes must be submitted online within thirty (30) days after the end of the term during which the student withdrew by emailing the Director of Student Accommodations & Dispute at

Financial Aid Enrollment Status Criteria

As mandated by the U.S. Department of Education policy, only courses required for a student’s degree can be used in determining undergraduate enrollment status for financial aid purposes. In addition, federal student aid regulations permit only one repetition of a previously passed course in determining enrollment status for financial aid purposes.