Kenzie students may drop a course during the first week of a term, and the dropped course will not appear on the student’s academic transcript. Kenzie students may withdraw from a term at any time during the second through fourth week of the 12-week term with the course grade of “W”. Any withdrawals after the fourth week may only be allowed with approval by the academic advisor and will be processed at no refund. Withdrawals are not permitted in the last week of class.

The following policies apply to ALL students taking online courses.

Submission of Withdrawals

Requests to withdraw must be submitted using the Kenzie Academy Withdrawal Request form. In all cases, the date of withdrawal is the date the completed form is received. No paper withdrawal forms or emails will be accepted.

Tuition Fee & Refunds

  • Term Withdrawals
    • During Week 1 (Drop period): No tuition fee charged or 100% refund if full payment is submitted
    • During Week 2: 50% tuition fee charged or 50% refund if full payment is submitted
    • After Week 2: 100% tuition fee charged or no refund if full payment is submitted

For the purpose of withdrawals, all term weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday 11:59 pm ET. Holidays during the week do not impact the Sunday 11:59 pm ET deadline.

Financial Aid Disbursements

All tuition charges and withdrawal requests are subject to review, and students who withdraw may be responsible for paying back part or all of their financial aid disbursement for that term. In addition, withdrawals may have an impact on a learner’s eligibility for future financial aid. Please contact the Learner Financial Services office at (844) 744-0056 or via email at¬†for details.

Participation Policy Unofficial Withdrawal

Ongoing participation in courses and completion of assignments are two critical components to students success. The institution does not monitor attendance and withdraw students who stop participating, but students who use financial aid and fail all courses within a term will be reviewed for participation. Students who cease participation in graded activities before 60% of the term are classified as an “unofficial withdrawal” and may result in an adjustment of their financial aid. The last date of participation is defined as the last day the student participated in a graded activity within the course. This recalculation may result in a balance on their account and could place students’ future financial aid funding and registration at risk.

This policy applies to all students enrolled in any Kenzie Academy program, and will apply to all terms of enrollment.