Kenzie academy students coding on computer
Transforming Lives Through Tech

Kenzie Academy was founded as a tech school and startup in 2017. Its mission was to eliminate systemic barriers that may exist for individuals who believe an education is out of reach for them.

Then in 2021, Southern New Hampshire University acquired the Kenzie Academy programs to further the Kenzie mission and expand access to a college alternative. By offering non-degree accelerated pathways, SNHU and Kenzie Academy programs can better meet the needs of diverse students.

“[Kenzie Academy] was a place that was getting really good at understanding what it means to offer shorter term credentials. It was changing people’s lives.”

– Paul LeBlanc, Southern New Hampshire University President

Kenzie academy students coding on computer
What does this mean for the Kenzie Student?

Students at Kenzie Academy are afforded the following:

  • SNHU credential symbolized in illustration of merit badge
    SNHU Credential

    Graduates earn a tech certificate and transcript issued by Southern New Hampshire University. In other words, they receive a credible credential from a reputable, nationally recognized institution.

  • Financial aid represented with money icon
    Financial Aid

    Students enrolling in a Kenzie Academy program from SNHU may be eligible/can apply for federal student aid. This means students can potentially use loans or grants to pay for tuition.

  • credit transferability represented with reversible arrows
    Credit Transferability

    Upon completing a Kenzie program, students may apply their credits toward a degree program like computer science at SNHU or another institution, if eligible.

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Group of students from Kenzie Academy from SNHU learning in a tech certificate program
female full-stack web developer coding at laptop
Scrum Master explaining code on whiteboard to team

"I really love this idea that we have the ability for people to go in and out of a learning ecosystem as they need to upskill, reskill, expand their knowledge."

– Paul LeBlanc, Southern New Hampshire University President

Thanks for your interest in SNHU's Kenzie Academy Programs. We're no longer accepting new student applications.