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Why Kenzie Academy from SNHU?

An education for the future of work.

Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is a set of certificate programs for those who want skills-based training for a future in tech. Level up your career with Kenzie Academy.

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The Mission

The Kenzie Academy program from SNHU provides diverse students with equitable access to a tech education, career-readiness training, and job opportunities, so anyone can change their lives with a career in tech. You can become workforce-ready tech talent, learn how to job search and get hired, and connect to employment opportunities. The Kenzie journey is for you.

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– Kenzie Academy from SNHU

The Kenzie Academy Financial Services Team helps you understand your financing options and decide which payment is best for your financial situation. To help make tech education more accessible, federal student aid (grants/loans) are also available for those who qualify.

Short-Term Skills-Based Training

Kenzie programs put you on an accelerated path so you are prepared to enter the workforce within 9 to 12 months. Industry experts also design an immersive curriculum that engages students with real-world projects and hands-on learning directly applicable to today’s jobs.


Kenzie Academy from SNHU is encompassed within Southern New Hampshire University’s accreditation through the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).


We help Kenzie fit into your life and offer flexible scheduling. Attend class live for interactive learning and collaboration or watch on-demand recordings. Kickoffs, study halls, and sessions are optional, yet highly encouraged to attend.

Kenzie Transformations

Kenzie alumni share their inspiring success stories!

“Building this community, building all these new skills, building all these new values and contacts that I got, it honestly changed my life. Kenzie really did everything it needed to do for me, and I appreciate that.”

– Zachary Kline

“It was a big turning point for sure in my career because that was my transition to tech. I wasn’t a programmer at all. I didn’t know how to do any of the things I learned in Kenzie. Because of my experience at Kenzie, now I’m ready for so many different types of conversations with technical people.”

– Kash Farhadi

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Our Alumni are #KenzieMade


While Moe Logins worked as a software account executive, he felt there was something missing from his career. So, he decided to make a change by enrolling in a Kenzie Academy program. Today, Moe stands before us as Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

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  • Job Title
    Senior Cloud Solution Architect
  • Employer After Graduation


After leaving her job as a Reporting Analyst, Kathy Tran spent some time at home with her kids while exploring technical career options. After some thought, she chose to pursue her interest in software engineering and began searching online for bootcamps. She came across Kenzie Academy on Course Report and was excited by the idea of learning something new and getting out of her comfort zone in the Software Engineering program.

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  • Job Title
    Technical Project Manager
  • Employer After Graduation


Before enrolling in the Kenzie Academy program from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), Zachary Kline had a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. In fact, he had a job in nonprofit administration. But in 2019, he lost his job. Zachary admits it was a point in life when “everything was going downhill.” But this was also an opportunity to make a change.

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  • Job Title
    Software Engineering Facilitator
  • Employer After Graduation
    Capital One


Before Kenzie, Diarte Jeffcoat was working as the VP of Marketing for the South Carolina Pride Movement and completing a master’s degree in journalism. Eventually, he discovered Kenzie and began to fully explore his interest in tech.

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  • Job Title
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Employer After Graduation


Iyana Admasu was pursuing a graduate degree in Animal Science and intended to build her career in veterinary medicine. But, after a while, Iyana felt a different field was calling and realized she’d rather enter the tech field. She used self-teaching methods to learn the basics of coding but got overwhelmed quickly. So, she joined Career Karma to make her search for the right tech program a little easier and found Kenzie’s UX Design program.

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  • Job Title
    UI Developer
  • Employer After Graduation
    JP Morgan


Tim La tried a variety of industries from business development to politics, from social media marketing to table tennis instruction, but still felt like he hadn’t found his purpose. Eventually, Tim found an interest in coding and decided to explore it further. After a few attempts at teaching himself, he began searching for a more structured learning environment.

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  • Job Title
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Employer After Graduation

Bootcamp Style Tech Education

Kenzie Academy tech and coding certificate programs are bootcamp style. This means, similar to traditional bootcamps, Kenzie programs are intensive and accelerated college alternatives.

Unlike typical bootcamps, Kenzie programs offer these benefits:

  • Programs extend to 9 or 12 months to support more in-depth learning, training, and application.
  • Schedules are flexible. Classes are not during required fixed times and days.
  • Federal financial aid, such as loans and grants, is available for tuition assistance.
  • Students earn a certificate from a nonprofit, accredited, private institution.
  • Graduates may continue their education by applying completed program credits toward a degree program at SNHU or other institutions, if eligible.
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Where could you be in 9-12 months?

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Cybersecurity Certificate Program
  • Tuition: $10,000
  • Length: 9 Months
  • Credits: 18
  • Hours: 18-20/week
  • Tuition: $10,000
  • Length: 9 Months
  • Credits: 18
  • Hours: 18-20/week
There are no programs that match your criteria at this time.
How We Began

Our Story

Kenzie Academy was founded as a tech and coding school and startup by Chok Oi, who immigrated to the United States from Malaysia for a better life and future. Despite the barriers to opportunities he encountered, he achieved his goals through education, building a career, and entrepreneurship. Chok was also passionate about giving back to others who have similar experiences. So he laid the foundation for those who need a more accessible, affordable pathway to join the tech workforce. Kenzie Academy became that educational pathway for all people from any background.

In 2021, Southern New Hampshire University acquired the Kenzie Academy programs to advance Chok’s mission and expand the opportunity for people to transform into the tech talent employers need. With Kenzie Academy, you can change your skill set, change your job, change your life.

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    Michelle Harvell
    Sr. Director of Operations & Projects
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