An education for the future of work.

Why Kenzie?

An education for the future of work.

Kenzie Academy

Kenzie boasts a new kind of education for those looking to level up their tech and soft skills and prepare for the future of work.

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Kenzie’s Mission

Kenzie Academy was created with the mission to teach and train future tech professionals across America, especially those who have been underserved by traditional education systems, and place them in rewarding careers in technology.

Why choose Kenzie Academy over coding bootcamps or traditional university programs? For our learners and alumni, the choice boils down to quality and affordability.

– Tyisha's Kenzie Story

Imagine getting an education without setting yourself back with massive financial obstacles. It’s the dream, right? At Kenzie, it’s reality.

Kenzie is affordable and offers a variety of payment options designed to make education more accessible for all (more on that here).



Another reason learners choose Kenzie Academy: the depth of our programs. We focus on workplace readiness and hands-on learning, while also providing personalized attention from facilitators and subject matter experts. Kenzie is here to support learners who want to better themselves, and we live that mission from the top down.

How do we do this? Our Software Engineering course is 12 months, so learners are given more time to truly grasp the material instead of simply memorizing it, like one would in a 3-6 month bootcamp. In our programs, learners dive deep into the concepts of Software Engineering, and they graduate job-ready with a portfolio full of work to showcase to future employers. Head to our program pages to read the nitty-gritty of each program.

Our UX Design program is a project-based curriculum that will have you solving real-world problems. The 9-month course is part-time to give working professionals the education they need to grow in their careers. Our program is taught by live subject matter experts and provides you access to the Kenzie network and community that will support you along the way.


Kenzie Academy from Southern New Hampshire University is institutionally and regionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

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Hear From Alums

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from our alums why Kenzie was the right fit for them:

I don’t think prospective students should be afraid about not having a background in coding, math, or computers. You can do it because they will help you do it. I felt very comfortable that this gives me the kind of portfolio and experience that I need to be very successful when I move forward.” –Lea, Kenzie Grad & Full Stack Software Engineer

It’s not just User Experience Design. They actually teach us to be User Experience Engineers, so we’ll be able to implement our designs straight into front-end code that we can then hand off to a Software Engineer to have it fully implemented. That skill set is invaluable in the industry right now.” – Blake, Kenzie Grad & UX Engineer

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Our Alumni are #KenzieMade


Shaquon's Kenzie experience deepened his tech knowledge and gave him leadership experience. He's now an apprentice with Next Chapter, and next he'll have the opportunity to work full-time at a well-known San Francisco-based tech company.

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  • New Job Title
    Apprentice Software Developer
  • Employer
    Next Chapter


Doug struggled to stick to a singular path - then he found fulfillment in tech. Now, he’s taking the next step in his journey as a Software Engineer at Multiply Technology.

Learn More
  • New Job Title
    Software Engineer
  • Employer
    Multiply Technology


Lea was an attorney, but she decided a career in tech would be more fulfilling. Now, she's started her new career as a Software Engineer at Ion Three and she credits Kenzie's sense of community for guiding her.

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  • New Job Title
    Full Stack Software Engineer
  • Employer
    Ion Three


Kyle loved how tech provides endless opportunities to learn. In his new job as an Associate Software Engineer at Tangoe, he's excited to continue learning new programming languages with his team.

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  • New Job Title
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Employer


Hamilton felt challenged and inspired by Kenzie's community-driven, experiential curriculum. He's now launching his tech career as a UX/UI Designer at Archon Tech Strategies.

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  • New Job Title
    UX/UI Designer
  • Employer
    Archon Tech Strategies


Jen was looking for a fresh start when she found Kenzie. After graduating with certificates in front end and back end coding, she landed a role as a Junior Developer at Iris Works.

Learn More
  • New Job Title
    Junior Developer
  • Employer
    Iris Works

Future-proof Careers.

Kenzie was built to address changes happening with technology, manufacturing, and automation. Our learners are trained for job skills currently in demand. In addition, we also teach career and soft skills that give learners a growth mindset and make their abilities future-proof. A Kenzie education is for tomorrow, just as much as it is for today.

We collaborate with industry professionals and hiring partners to keep our curriculum relevant. Unlike tech bootcamps, we maintain a focus on deeper learning instead of memorization. At Kenzie, we pride ourselves on our focus on real outcomes, which is a difference between Kenzie and more traditional higher education institutions. Just take a look at where our grads have been hired to see for yourself.

Press and Features

Darlyze Calixte Graduation Jan. 2020
Photo of a male Kenzie Academy Student Success Manager talking to a female student over a folder of information about Kenzie while sitting in the lobby of Kenzie's campus.

Where could you be
in 6 or 9 months?

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Our Programs

Software Engineering Certificate with Specialization in Backend Java
Software Engineering Certificate with Specialization in Backend Java

Amazon Technical Academy Logo
Kenzie Academy and Amazon Technical Academy co-developed this online Software Engineering with Specialization in Backend Java program for growth-minded learners looking to transition to a rewarding career in software development.

  • Tuition: $20,000
  • Time Commitment: 12 months
Certificate in Cybersecurity Program
Certificate in Cybersecurity Program

Earn a certificate in cybersecurity and gain proficiency in network defense, ethical hacking, and digital forensics.

  • Tuition: $10,000
  • Time Commitment: 9 months
UX Design Certificate Program
UX Design Certificate Program

Our User Experience (UX) Design program is built for working professionals who need flexibility to get a tech education. Learn how to bring your ideas to life and become a creative UX designer.

  • Tuition: $12,500
  • Time Commitment: 9 months
Full-Stack Web Developer Certificate (MERN) Program
Full-Stack Web Developer Certificate (MERN) Program

Our web development program develops software engineers who are experts in frontend and backend systems. Get the education you need to pursue a fulfilling career in tech designing a website’s aesthetics, while managing its functionality, from writing code to managing databases.

  • Tuition: $17,000
  • Time Commitment: 9 months
Our Programs
Our Programs
Our Programs
Our Programs
How We Began

The Kenzie Story

Founder Chok Ooi established Kenzie Academy in the summer of 2017 to pioneer a new education model for those looking to prepare for the future of work by retraining with technical skills. Through automation and other technical advancements, tech (or new-collar) jobs are rising and taking the place of the traditional white-collar and blue-collar roles. Chok wanted to prepare learners for these new-collar opportunities by teaching a combination of hands-on technical skills and soft, interpersonal skills.

Today, Kenzie is fulfilling its mission while also making a tech education more accessible and affordable. Learners from all walks of life can enjoy the professional opportunities available in this growing industry, whether they’re looking for a fresh start in a new career or wanting to advance in the industry.

Learn How to Become a Kenzie Learner
  • Jen Scott, Ed.D
    Jen Scott, Ed.D
    Interim Executive Director
  • Jack Lewandowski
    Jack Lewandowski
    VP of Operations
  • Erin Albert
    Erin Albert
    VP of Marketing
  • Chris Kottke
    Chris Kottke
    Head of Finance
  • Andrea Mount
    Andrea Mount
    VP of Employer and Partner Relations
  • Alicia Cutting
    Alicia Cutting
    Director of HR
  • Missi Perez
    Missi Perez
    Interim VP of Academics
Want to future-proof your career?

Want to future-proof your career?

Get more info on our Software Engineering, Full-Stack & UX Design programs.

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