As a Kenzie learner, you are not alone. The Kenzie Academy Learner Services Team from Southern New Hampshire University helps you succeed throughout your journey and cross the finish line. We’re in your corner — providing support and cheering you on. As you progress through your program and prepare for life after graduation, we’re your guide helping you meet every goal along the way. Stay engaged and be proactive and we’ll invest in your success!


Our advisors are passionate about helping you perform at your best.

  • Your dedicated Learner Success Advisor
    Your dedicated Learner Success Advisor

    One of the most important relationships you’ll have during your Kenzie journey is your Learner Success Advisor. You’ll meet your advisor before your first day of class, and they’ll be your ally throughout the learning process. Together, you’ll set expectations and goals. You’ll also talk and meet regularly to ensure you’re on track to hit milestones, graduate, and find a job.

  • Setting you up for success and growth
    Setting you up for success and growth

    Your advisor will connect you to the resources you need to grow and progress, whether it’s help from the Academic Team, advice from the Career Services Team, assistance with a learner tool, mental health support, or learning about an upcoming event. If you have any concerns or questions, your advisor has answers or can point you in the right direction to find them.

  • Support for challenges and obstacles
    Support for challenges and obstacles

    Going through a rigorous tech program isn’t easy, especially while juggling life responsibilities or when the unexpected happens. Your advisor is there for you when you face roadblocks or personal hardship. For example, you can collaborate to develop a study and time management plan, find ways to achieve better school-work-life balance, or talk about solutions to a setback.



While your Learner Success Advisor is always here for you, they’ll also empower you to take the lead on your learning experience as an independent learner. We want you to be prepared to succeed and problem solve at your job. You won’t have an advisor by your side in the real world, so we’ll teach and encourage you to develop a sense of personal responsibility.

Holistic Growth

Throughout your Kenzie journey, you’ll learn tech skills and gain knowledge — while growing as a tech professional, competitive job candidate, and person. Your Learner Success Advisor supports your personal growth by prioritizing your mental, social, and physical well-being in addition to your academics and career preparation.

Support System

Sometimes you just need to talk — and your advisor is here to listen. Maybe you’re struggling with motivation, feeling overwhelmed, or need advice. Talk it out with your advisor. A word of encouragement may be just what you need to persevere. Your advisor is here to celebrate your wins too! You’re moving forward together, so your success is their success.

Learner Services Team

We’re here to guide you toward your future career in tech.

  • Brittany Austin
    Brittany Austin
    Director of Learner Success
  • Tamesha Allen
    Tamesha Allen
    Learner Success Advisor
  • Frank Percacciante
    Frank Percacciante
    Learner Success Advisor
  • Michelle Stevens
    Michelle Stevens
    Learner Success Advisor
  • Scott Voisine
    Scott Voisine
    Learner Success Advisor
  • Marsha Williamson
    Marsha Williamson
    Learner Success Advisor
Kattiana Theodore, Kenzie Alum
Tanner Lemon, Kenzie Alum
Kattiana Theodore, Kenzie Alum

“Everything that I went through while I was in Kenzie prepared me for what I’m doing now. All the struggles that I went to, me being behind two months of coursework and having everybody there saying, ‘No, keep going, keep going. It’s going to be worth it at the end,’ has prepared me for how strong I am now and how I’m able to face any challenge that comes my way.”

Tanner Lemon, Kenzie Alum

“The Learner Success Advisors were really on my team, really trying hard to help me finish.” 

Kattiana Theodore, Kenzie Alum
Tanner Lemon, Kenzie Alum