At Kenzie Academy, you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, our Learner Services and Placement teams exist to guide and support you as you pursue your dreams.

We're here to support you

Your future starts today with Kenzie Academy

Our Learner Services team works to help you stay on track to advance your career.

A Learner Services Manager will work with you 1-on-1 to identify your goals, coach you along the way, and celebrate your wins. They’ll also partner with you to address any needs or obstacles you might face so you can better reach your goals. 

Our Placement team works with you during your time as a learner and beyond. 

This team will walk you through a curriculum focused on how to job search, interview, and develop your career. Part of this process also includes connecting you with potential employers and job openings while equipping you with the interpersonal skills to be placed in a great role.

Our Learner Services & Placement Teams provide:


At Kenzie Academy, you can take advantage of mentorship and coaching programs to make sure you’re job-ready with the skills you need to succeed. We offer a mentorship program to pair Kenzie learners with tech professionals who give advice about the job search, review learner resumes, and more. 


We work with you to meet academic, attendance, and conduct requirements. A Kenzie Academy program is a big commitment, so we’ll be there to encourage and keep you accountable as you master coding. You’ll have a dedicated Learner Services Manager to work with you to stay focused and meet your requirements.

Personal Growth

Kenzie Academy programs can be a catalyst not just for academic growth, but for personal growth, too. Kenzie staff members are dedicated to supporting you on this journey. As a learner, you’ll have 1-on-1 meeting times with facilitators and coaches to help you get the most out of your education.

Exclusive Events

Kenzie learners don’t just learn to code, they become a part of the industry. One way we introduce you to the industry’s movers and shakers is through AMAs (Ask Me Anythings). At these events, you get facetime and have a dialogue with top industry experts from companies like Airbnb, VC firms, Netflix, and many more.

Job Readiness

We take job readiness seriously here. We’ll provide you with assistance on the pathway to graduation and job placement while helping to minimize life’s obstacles during the process. Our Learner Services team works with you to build job readiness savvy through networking, soft skills training, and mock interviews. 

Learner Services & Placement Team

We're here to guide you toward your future career in tech.

  • Matt Cummings
    Matt Cummings
    Assistant VP of Alumni and Community Engagement
  • Travis Herring
    Travis Herring
    Senior Leaner Success Advisor
  • Brittany Austin
    Brittany Austin
    Director of Learner Success
  • Candice Jackson
    Candice Jackson
    Strategic Partnership Manager
  • Tamesha Allen
    Tamesha Allen
    Learner Success Advisor
  • Marsha Williamson
    Marsha Williamson
    Learner Success Advisor
  • Krystal Briggs
    Krystal Briggs
    Learner Experience Manager
  • Michelle Stevens
    Michelle Stevens
    Learner Success Advisor