Thrive with Togetherness

Our community, or the Kenzie Family, makes a positive difference in the learning experience.

“The Kenzie community is vibrant, friendly, and inspiring. Everyone is so helpful. By the end of the program, we all got a chance to know each other and we actually stay in touch. The Kenzie Family and the support from learners is motivating and distinctive. The Kenzie community also supports you every step of the way.”

– Erika Vidal, Kenzie Alum

  • Open and Inclusive

    We cultivate a safe environment where you can be your authentic self. We want you to feel comfortable taking risks, making mistakes, asking questions, and growing into a better person. By working with diverse people, you also get to learn from different perspectives.

  • Friendships for Life

    Community goes beyond building relationships. Many students form bonds that extend beyond graduation. Kenzie is about more than heads-down studying. It’s about having fun with your work and collaborating with people who are having the same experiences as you.

  • Like-Minded Individuals

    Technical training is very involved, but your Kenzie community is your support system. Students care about helping one another find solutions to problems. They share your drive and ambition, so you’re surrounded by people with similar goals who can encourage and motivate you.

Our Alumni Engagement Team

Stay Connected After Graduation

Alumni Connections

Once you graduate, you are welcomed into the Kenzie alumni community. By staying connected to grads from your program and the Kenzie Alumni Team, you can discover so many opportunities and resources beyond graduation. We invite our alumni to give back as leaders in the community by serving on panels and as mentors and guest speakers. Alums also reunite at one of the biggest events of the year: Homecoming!

Kenzie Academy team photo in front of brick wall.
Kenzie Teams care about you

As part of our community, you’re connected to Kenzie team members who take an active part in helping you achieve your goals. Always reach out to your Academic Team who can help you if you’re stuck on an activity or don’t understand a lesson. Your Learner Success Advisor and Career Advisor also encourage you to stay in touch, so you can successfully progress through your program and prepare for the job search.

Kenzie Academy team photo in front of brick wall.

Stay active in the tech community

Kenzie becomes your gateway into the tech community. So put yourself out there!

  • Network at Kenzie career fairs and employer info sessions.
  • Join our online events and livestreams to stay engaged in tech.
  • Research employers and network with other technologists on LinkedIn.
  • Follow your favorite tech brands and developers on social media.

Staying connected to the energetic tech community and in-the-know on the latest opportunities, updates, and newest technologies in the space will help you continue to elevate your career.

“Kenzie is a great crowd of hungry, ambitious, and diverse people from all walks of life. Everyone was super friendly and respectful. I really felt like the positive culture contributed towards a successful educational experience.” – Mike A., Kenzie Alum

“Kenzie is such a tight-knit community. Everyone supports one another the best way that they can. We are encouraged to learn and fail gracefully. I love that we had live classes and instructors that are still in the industry and genuinely have our best interest in mind.” – Brenji Maximo-Lopez, Kenzie Alum

Kenzie Academy Full Stack Web Development Graduate
Kash - Kenzie Academy Software Engineering alum in front of brick wall
jessica benson, full-stack web development alum
Moe Logins Software Engineering Alumni headshot
wonderware north
Kenzie alum Tim La looking at view on balcony
iyana admasu
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Read our Alumni Stories


Ashley worked in administration and operations management when one of her clients pointed out how good she was at problem-solving. She knew she wanted a change in her profession that would also impact her role as a parent and her home life and that's why she decided to enroll in Kenzie Academy.

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  • Job Title
    Technical Recruiter
  • Employer After Graduation


Kash Farhadi was an area manager at Amazon before he decided to try something new and make his way into the tech space.

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  • Job Title
    Customer-Facing Consultant
  • Employer after Graduation


Jessica considered going back to an old career, but when her daughter mentioned her own idea of transitioning into tech, Jessica was interested too. They both enrolled in the Kenzie Academy program.

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  • Job Title
    Customer Support Specialist
  • Employer After Graduation


While Moe Logins worked as a software account executive, he felt there was something missing from his career. So, he decided to make a change by enrolling in a Kenzie Academy program. Today, Moe stands before us as Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

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  • Job Title
    Senior Cloud Solution Architect
  • Employer After Graduation


LeighAnn had recently completed her undergraduate degree in general studies and was working as a recruiter, limo driver, and artist. She was considering taking on a master’s program to further her skills as an artist when she found Kenzie.

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  • Job Title
    UX Consultant
  • Employer After Graduation
    Wonderware North


Tim La tried a variety of industries from business development to politics, from social media marketing to table tennis instruction, but still felt like he hadn’t found his purpose. Eventually, Tim found an interest in coding and decided to explore it further. After a few attempts at teaching himself, he began searching for a more structured learning environment.

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  • Job Title
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Employer After Graduation


Iyana Admasu was pursuing a graduate degree in Animal Science and intended to build her career in veterinary medicine. But, after a while, Iyana felt a different field was calling and realized she’d rather enter the tech field. She used self-teaching methods to learn the basics of coding but got overwhelmed quickly. So, she joined Career Karma to make her search for the right tech program a little easier and found Kenzie’s UX Design program.

Learn More
  • Job Title
    UI Developer
  • Employer After Graduation
    JP Morgan

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  • Tuition: $10,000
  • Length: 9 Months
  • Credits: 18
  • Hours: 18-20/week
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