Team Kenzie 

At Kenzie Academy, we’re a family. And like a family, we’ll be there to support you along your journey to a tech career. From our Admissions Counselors to our Placement Team, from our Instructors, Facilitators, Student Services, and everyone in between, each member of our team play a vital role in guiding you through your tech journey. Meet Team Kenzie!

Kenzie Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Kenzie does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment decisions are based on qualifications, merit, and business need.

Admissions Advisors

Kenzie Fam

Kenzie Team Group Photo
Halloween Party

Executive Team


  • Jen Scott, Ed.D
    Jen Scott, Ed.D
    Interim Executive Director
  • Jack Lewandowski
    Jack Lewandowski
    VP of Operations
  • Erin Albert
    Erin Albert
    VP of Marketing
  • Jenay Sermon
    Jenay Sermon
    Sr Director of Applied Learning Science
  • Stephanie Sandifer
    Stephanie Sandifer
    Sr Director of Professional Learning
  • Missi Perez
    Missi Perez
    Interim VP of Academics

Academic Team

Academic Product & Learning Science

  • Tyler Gary
    Tyler Gary
    Sr Product Developer
  • Paige Walker
    Paige Walker
    Director of New Program Development
  • Jai Cook
    Jai Cook
    Career Curriculum Specialist
  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan Robinson
    Director of UI/UX Program
  • Derek Savick-Hesser
    Derek Savick-Hesser
    Program Developer

Academic Team

UX Design

  • Dean Meacham
    Dean Meacham
    Lead Facilitator, UX Design
  • Samantha Kyle
    Samantha Kyle
    Facilitator, UX Design
  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson
    Associate Instructor, UX Design

Academic Team

Software Engineering

  • David Michael Gregg
    David Michael Gregg
    Senior Software Engineering SME
  • Randy Cox
    Randy Cox
    Senior Software Engineering SME
  • Daniel Lomelino
    Daniel Lomelino
    Senior Software Engineering SME
  • Elizabeth Scheidt
    Elizabeth Scheidt
    Facilitator, Software Engineering
  • Michelle Hoelzer
    Michelle Hoelzer
    Lead Facilitator, Software Engineering
  • Patterson Day
    Patterson Day
    Coach Coordinator
  • Jon Taylor
    Jon Taylor
    Lead Facilitator, Software Engineering
  • Zachary Kline
    Zachary Kline
    Lead Facilitator, Software Engineering
  • Alec Stephens
    Alec Stephens
    Instructional Data Manager
  • Joey Brown
    Joey Brown
    Facilitator, Software Engineering
  • Mike Alnakhaleh
    Mike Alnakhaleh
    Lead Facilitator, Software Engineering

Placement Team

Talent Placement

  • Kaitlynn Callahan
    Kaitlynn Callahan
    Account Manager of Partnerships
  • Tenille Jones
    Tenille Jones
    Director of Employer Outreach
  • Klaudia Rossol
    Klaudia Rossol
    Talent and Placement Advisor
  • Nikia Haqq
    Nikia Haqq
    Sales Development Representative
  • Lindsey Graham
    Lindsey Graham
    Account Manager
  • Kirk Schuster
    Kirk Schuster
    Placement Advisor
  • Danielle Hunt
    Danielle Hunt
    Career Advisor

Operations Team

Student Services

  • Matt Cummings
    Matt Cummings
    Assistant VP of Alumni and Community Engagement
  • Brittany Austin
    Brittany Austin
    Director of Student Success
  • Travis Herring
    Travis Herring
    Senior Orientation & Events Manager
  • Candice Jackson
    Candice Jackson
    Student Success Manager
  • Tamesha Allen
    Tamesha Allen
    Student Success Advisor
  • Marsha Williamson
    Marsha Williamson
    Student Success Advisor
  • Krystal Briggs
    Krystal Briggs
    Student Experience Manager
  • Michelle Stevens
    Michelle Stevens
    Student Success Advisor

Operations Team

Technology & Engineering

  • Kavitha Kamalbabu
    Kavitha Kamalbabu
    Software Development Manager
  • Sam Kane
    Sam Kane
    Software Developer
  • Blake Walker
    Blake Walker
    UX Engineer
  • Caitlin Baker
    Caitlin Baker
    CRM Administrator
  • Ashley Shelton
    Ashley Shelton
    Help Desk/QA
  • Fred Manning
    Fred Manning
    IT Service Desk Manager
  • Charles Nesmith
    Charles Nesmith
    Junior Software Developer

Operations Team


  • Alyssa Miller
    Alyssa Miller
    Director of Operations
  • Tray Williams
    Tray Williams
  • Gabby Stark
    Gabby Stark
    Administrative Assistant
  • Chris Kottke
    Chris Kottke
    Head of Finance
  • Stacy Broadus
    Stacy Broadus
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Erika Huber
    Erika Huber
    Director of Student Accommodations and Dispute Resolution

Revenue Team


  • Megan Stevens
    Megan Stevens
    Director of Strategic Partnerships

Revenue Team


  • Erika Kotterer
    Erika Kotterer
    Assistant VP of Admissions
  • Alecia Kissel
    Alecia Kissel
    Assistant Director of Admissions
  • CJ Franklin
    CJ Franklin
    Admissions Manager
  • Lindsay De Las Alas
    Lindsay De Las Alas
    Admissions Counselor
  • Matthew Keller
    Matthew Keller
    Admissions Counselor
  • Rebecca Green
    Rebecca Green
    Admissions Counselor
  • Dion Bryant
    Dion Bryant
    Admissions Counselor
  • Hannah Nichols
    Hannah Nichols
    Admissions Counselor
  • Mitch Finer
    Mitch Finer
    Admissions Counselor
  • Henry Cano
    Henry Cano
    Admissions Counselor
  • Arlette Munyankindi
    Arlette Munyankindi
    Admissions Counselor
  • Ashley Mouzzon
    Ashley Mouzzon
    Admissions Counselor
  • Michelle Humes
    Michelle Humes
    Admissions Counselor
  • Shay Peoples
    Shay Peoples
    Admissions Counselor

Revenue Team


  • Darci Hansell
    Darci Hansell
    Assistant VP of Marketing
  • Abby Terlecki
    Abby Terlecki
    Assistant Director of Content Marketing
  • Chilly Phoeung
    Chilly Phoeung
    Art Director
  • Arthur Lorente
    Arthur Lorente
    Lifecycle Marketing Manager
  • Conner Farquharson
    Conner Farquharson
    Marketing Project Manager
  • Michael Wallace
    Michael Wallace
    Director of Digital Marketing
  • Josh deVries
    Josh deVries
    Social Media Manager