Our Admissions Criteria will ensure you are in the right program and ready to succeed. 

Completing a Kenzie program takes maturity, commitment, enthusiasm, and grit. We believe anyone can have a successful career in tech if they embody the right attitude and aptitude, so that’s what we look for when speaking to prospective learners. 

Our programs are for self-starters who are curious about technology and who like working with diverse groups of people. Kenzie learners are the type who persevere when things get tough and who enjoy being part of a valuable and collaborative tech community.

The Basic Admissions Requirements

  1. High school diploma or equivalent
  2. 18 years or older
  3. Kenzie Academy is unable to accept international students at this time. Please visit the Southern New Hampshire University international student admissions requirements page for more information.

Continue reading to learn more about our admissions criteria and process. Learn what it takes to become #KenzieMade!

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Desired Traits of a Kenzie Learner

Before you apply, read the following statements to yourself. You’ll be a fit for our programs if most of these describe you.

I am very passionate about starting a career in tech.

I am excited to collaborate and work in teams with other learners.

I understand that the coursework is online with live sessions available.

I am disciplined and can focus on completing work.

I am motivated and can keep myself going without others reminding me.

I know failing is OK, but I’m always ready to try again.

I am comfortable asking questions and seeking help when I need it.

I understand the curriculum can be challenging.

I can empathize and solve problems by understanding different perspectives and needs.

I have access to a computer that meets program requirements, stable WiFi, and a quiet workspace.

I have basic touch-typing, keyboard, and mouse/trackpad skills.

I am familiar with web browsers and search engines.

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See how our Alumni succeed


Ashley worked in administration and operations management when one of her clients pointed out how good she was at problem-solving. She knew she wanted a change in her profession that would also impact her role as a parent and her home life and that's why she decided to enroll in Kenzie Academy.

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  • Job Title
    Technical Recruiter
  • Employer After Graduation


Shaquon's Kenzie Academy program experience deepened his tech knowledge and gave him leadership experience. He's now an apprentice with Next Chapter, and next he'll have the opportunity to work full-time at a well-known San Francisco-based tech company.

Learn More
  • Job Title
    Apprentice Software Developer
  • Employer After Graduation
    Next Chapter


Manny’s story is the perfect example of perseverance, positivity, and drive. It shows us just how important motivation is in the search for a brighter future.

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  • Job Title
    Contingent Worker
  • Employer After Graduation


While Moe Logins worked as a software account executive, he felt there was something missing from his career. So, he decided to make a change by enrolling in a Kenzie Academy program. Today, Moe stands before us as Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

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  • Job Title
    Senior Cloud Solution Architect
  • Employer After Graduation


Doug struggled to stick to a singular path - then he found fulfillment in tech. Now, he’s taking the next step in his journey as a Software Engineer at Multiply Technology.

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  • Job Title
    Software Engineer
  • Employer After Graduation
    Multiply Technology

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