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Kenzie News Roundup 11/19/2021

This week’s news goes in depth to share what exactly coding is and when is enough when it comes to code testing. We also cover some great design topics, from icon trends for 2022 to the ultimate guide for creating your UX workflow.

What is Coding?

Have you ever wondered, “What exactly is coding?” “Why should I learn to code?” or “What uses does it have?” If you have asked these questions, this article will help get you closer to those answers. We discuss everything — from the basics of coding and how it works to what a programming language is and the different levels and uses of coding.

Code Coverage: How to Measure You’ve Done Enough Testing

Programmers, developers, and even engineers can spend hours and days reviewing code. It can be a never-ending process that leaves even the best coder exhausted. This article helps provide some insight and background into what code coverage is in the world of code testing, why it’s important, and how to calculate it. You’ll also learn about some tools to help you get started.

Icon Design in 2022: The Key Trends

Icons are an essential part of any user experience but especially on digital platforms. It can be the difference maker for how users navigate and understand the content and hierarchy of your website or app. This article shares some insight on the future trends of icons in 2022 and breaks it down by different icon types.

The UX Workflow: The Ultimate Guide to Tools, Processes, and the 6 Steps of UX Workflows

Let’s start this off by stating that there is no perfect way to create or find the best UX workflow. What this article will help you and your team do is create a process around how to identify the right tools and processes for your UX workflows. It also helps explain what a UX workflow is.

From Good to Great in Dashboard Design: Research, Decluttering and Data Viz

Everyone nowadays has a dashboard for everything. But are those dashboards really helping them to discover actionable insights and improve their user experience or visibility? It’s a classic question for the ages, and this article will help move you in that direction. It breaks down the differences between a good and great dashboard and the benefits of building your own from scratch over copying someone else’s dashboard.

10 Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for Sustainability-Minded Startups

Looking to start up your own business but want to make sure you are keeping sustainability in mind as you get going? This article shares some excellent tips, from the food and clothes you might provide for your team all the way to the construction of your building if you need one. It even provides information on how to reduce your carbon footprint via your customer’s purchases.

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