What is Kenzie Placement Services?

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The Kenzie Placement Services team prepares learners with the essential interpersonal skills and tools to help them land a job. In addition to valuable career readiness training, the job placement team also engages with employers to garner interest in Kenzie learners and grads. This puts job opportunities right within reach of our learners so they can take action!

Learn more about our Employer Partners below.

While the Placement team is here to support each and every Kenzie grad to reach their individual employment goals, ultimately the responsibility of landing a job belongs to the learner. Our career readiness curriculum is designed to give each grad the skills and confidence to land the job they deserve. 

Kenzie’s Job Placement Services is built for you.

Kenzie Academy graduates are well equipped to succeed in the job market. In addition to receiving high-quality technical education, learners receive a career readiness curriculum through Kenzie’s Placement Services team.

  • The Placement team supports Kenzie learners through all phases of their job search, assisting with resume review, interview preparation, job search advice, networking skills, and moral support.
  • Our job placement Advisors are former technical recruiters, so they’re well equipped to advise you on your job search.
  • From their first day at Kenzie, learners have access to a Placement Advisor.
  • Our Account Managers can connect you with Kenzie Employer Partners, getting your resume directly in front of hiring managers and decision-makers.

“Kenzie helped me grow in many ways beyond just teaching me how to code.” – Drashti, Associate Software Engineer at Infosys

Here to support you in your job search

  • Support from Placement Advisors 
  • Access to apply for openings thanks to our Employer Partner outreach
  • Career readiness curriculum built into each Kenzie Academy program
  • Open office hours
  • Resume & career artifact support
  • Cover letter guidance 
  • Social media & networking tips 
  • Interview prep & follow up
  • Tech skills prep 
  • Career days/weeks 
  • Speakers & events 
  • Job boards
  • CareerScore Job Tracking Software Looking for a way to track your job search progress? Kenzie’s Placement team uses the application info you enter into CareerScore to reach out to certain employers on your behalf.
  • Kenzie Profiles — Our Employer Partner site allows hiring managers to review Kenzie grads. Your profile includes a short bio, resume, top tech skills, and a link to your LinkedIn profile, GitHub, and/or personal website. This is a special service provided by the Placement team to help market you in the tech industry.
With Kenzie's Placement Services you'll get:

How does Placement work with graduates?

A Placement Advisor works with each graduate to understand their background and how it applies to their job search. They’ll also discuss current strengths + weaknesses, interests, and the challenges a graduate may face in the job search process.

To start, information is collected via a Placement questionnaire designed to get a better understanding of each graduate. Once completed, an Advisor will personally be assigned to the graduate and have a 1-on-1 session together. The Placement Advisor will build a relationship with the graduate/learner, offer customized career guidance, and streamline candidate matching to Employer Partners.

The learner will be expected to take the lead in their job search while working with their Placement Advisor and applying their training from the career readiness curriculum. 

Kenzie's curriculum & Placement services go hand-in-hand

Kenzie's curriculum & Placement services go hand-in-hand

Let's market your certified tech skills to potential employers.

Dedicated to your success

Placement Services Team

Learners can get assistance by attending office hours or by contacting Placement staff on the advising Slack channel. Any learner or graduate is welcome to attend office hours as often as they would like. Office hours are offered 4 days a week.

  • Kaitlynn Callahan
    Kaitlynn Callahan
    Account Manager of Partnerships
  • Tenille Jones
    Tenille Jones
    Director of Employer Outreach
  • Klaudia Rossol
    Klaudia Rossol
    Talent and Placement Advisor
  • Nikia Haqq
    Nikia Haqq
    Sales Development Representative
  • Lindsey Graham
    Lindsey Graham
    Account Manager
  • Kirk Schuster
    Kirk Schuster
    Placement Advisor
  • Danielle Hunt
    Danielle Hunt
    Career Advisor

Get a leg up with Kenzie’s network of Employer Partners.

Kenzie Academy graduates alumni are from every corner of the country, and so are the companies they work for. Many work at fast-growing tech companies in addition to larger corporations. Check out some of these Results stories to learn how our programs have helped them land the jobs they deserve.

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Check out these Alumni stories.


Amira had a degree in International Studies but wanted to work in tech. Now, she's a Kenzie grad and a Product Designer at Toast Inc.

Learn More
  • New Job Title
    Associate Product Designer
  • Employer After Graduation
    Toast Inc.

Kevin Blount

Kevin worked in tech support and as an Uber driver while facing homelessness. He decided to pursue a career in tech and now he's a Front End Developer with Quotum.

Learn More
  • New Job Title
    Front End Developer
  • Employer After Graduation


Alexander was working at a warehouse in Indiana but wanted a career change. He attended Kenzie Academy and is now a Software Engineer for Glew.io in North Carolina.

Learn More
  • New Job Title
    Software Engineer
  • Employer


Taylor was a paramedic who wanted to enter tech while supporting his young family. Now, he's a Kenzie grad and a Full Stack Engineer at Iris Works.

Learn More
  • New Job Title
    Full Stack Engineer
  • Employer After Graduation
    Iris Works


Darlyze graduated from a 4-year university with a bachelor’s degree but saw more opportunities in tech. Now, she's launching her career as an Associate Software Engineer at Infosys.

Learn More
  • New Job Title
    Software Engineer
  • Employer

What Kenzie Employer Partners are saying about our Alumni:

“Darlyze was very professional and organized… She was proactive about going to Kenzie and getting additional education in something she wanted to pursue. I think that’s crucial because you have to be up to date with technology. You have to continuously learn on the job. That’s the type of learner we look for.” – Robin Custodio, Senior Associate Lead, Talent Acquisition, Infosys

What Kenzie Employer Partners are saying about our Alumni:

Our Programs

Software Engineering Program with Specialization in Backend Java
Software Engineering Program with Specialization in Backend Java

Kenzie Academy is collaborating with Amazon Technical Academy to launch this online Software Engineering Program with Backend Java Specialization for growth-minded learners looking to transition to a rewarding career in software development.

  • Tuition: $20,000
  • Time Commitment: 9 - 12 months
UX Design Certificate Program
UX Design Certificate Program

Our User Experience (UX) Design program is built for working professionals. This part-time program will give you the education needed to become a UX Designer and solve real-world problems.

  • Tuition: $12,500
  • Time Commitment: 9 months
Full-Stack Web Development Certificate (MERN) Program
Full-Stack Web Development Certificate (MERN) Program

Our web development program develops software engineers who are experts in frontend and backend systems. Get the education you need to pursue a fulfilling career in tech designing a website’s aesthetics, while managing its functionality, from writing code to managing databases.

  • Tuition: $17,000
  • Time Commitment: 9 months
Our Programs
Our Programs
Our Programs