Kenzie News Roundup 1/29/21

Kenzie News Roundup 1/29/21

Tech professionals leave San Francisco, therapists go viral, and 2021 is the year of low code. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

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On the hunt for a remote gig? Built In put together a list of the 50 best remote companies to work for in 2021. This list was curated considering factors like a company’s long-term commitments to hiring and supporting remote employees, culture, and benefits. Zapier, Gladly, and GitHub are among the top contenders this year. Check out the full list (and find a potential employer or 2) on Built In

Land the job 

And… after you browse the list above, read this piece on how you can land a top-paying remote position. Jobs like Data Scientist and Software Developer are among the highest-paid remote roles right now. Experts share how geography affects remote work opportunities and give tips for landing a great role. Read this story on Fast Company

2021: The year of low code

Analysts are predicting that 2021 will be the year of low code. Throughout 2020, low-code platforms helped developers produce new apps in relatively short periods of time. Just remember: developers are still needed to build and maintain these low-code apps in the first place! Read predictions on how low-code could affect tech in 2021 in this blog on Inside Big Data

Case Study of the Week: Rosetta Stone English 

In August 2020, Rosetta Stone released its English language learning software for multilingual students. The curriculum creators leveraged UX to design a culturally inclusive software as well as 16 animated characters that assist language learners. The result is a software that celebrates the unique cultures and accents English language learners possess. Read the full article on Built In

TikTok meets therapy 

Therapists are using tech to reach an anxious generation. Through TikTok, several therapists have gone viral with their content on anxiety, coping mechanisms, and other mental health topics. Learn more about how these therapists are helping Gen Z address anxiety as well as the challenges of using short-form video to discuss complex subjects. Find this story in The New York Times

TLDR: “They can’t leave the Bay Area fast enough”

Tech workers have been leaving San Francisco since the start of the pandemic and finding happiness in low-cost cities across the country. Where are they going? And, how is life different for them outside of this once bursting tech city? The New York Times profiles several startup CEOs and tech workers who have left SF. Find out why and how their lives have changed in this long-form piece

Tech Tip of the Week: Have a laugh with this clever bot

Start your weekend off right with a good laugh! A Software Engineer in South Africa recently created the “!objectionbot” on Reddit. The bot turns Reddit arguments into a funny court-based animation using scenes from the video games series Ace Attorney. Learn how to use it for some lighthearted fun on Mashable

Meme of the Week:  “Someone get C-3PO a Talk ‘Space’ account”

low code

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